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  • Learn the grip all pros use to hit serves 130mph
  • Discover the secret on how to apply massive spin to your serve
  • Learn how to avoid one of the major pitfalls when it comes to switching grips
  • Get my pre-match serving warm up routine that will have you holding serve right out the gate

About Us

Peter Freeman has been playing and coaching tennis his whole life. He has coached 2 division 1 colleges, been name USTA Georgia Professional of the Year, produced 3 top 20 national junior players, and coached a number of juniors to a high state ranking.

Although Pete likes coaching junior players, he loves teaching all ages and all levels of play. Peter is a USPTA Elite Teaching Professional that still goes on the court everyday and helps players conquer their biggest challenges on the court.

His Youtube Channel have over a million views from tennis enthusiasts all over the world. Most of his videos are inspired from common issues his students face everyday on the court. When Pete feels he has found a solution he shares it online with the tennis world so everyone can benefit.

His Courses include: