In today’s tennis lesson we cover a big source of frustration for many tennis players…the topspin one handed backhand.  The one hander is a beautiful shot, and perhaps the prettiest one in tennis. However, it can be a bear to master. There are so many things that can go wrong. The ball comes in too high or too low, too fast, too slow. Sometimes it seems impossible to get a shot you can really sink your teeth into on the one handed backhand.

If this sounds very familiar, don’t worry I hear these complaints all the time from my students. In fact, I came up with this tip you are about to watch because one of my students Danny was having all kinds of problems on the backhand. The more I watched him struggle with the backhand I realized it was all in the preparation. He did not turn his shoulders enough, often he was in the wrong grip, he did not get the racket cocked in the proper position, and he was too tight.

Now Danny’s backhand is not perfect yet, but you will see this one tip has his backhand looking pretty good.



P.S. Don’t forget to watch part 2

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