Topspin VS Slice Backhand 7 Key Differences

Backhand Lesson: Slice vs Topspin: 7 Key Differences on One Hander Today I am going to Break Down 7 Key Differences on the One Handed Backhand. 1. The Grip on the slice vs topspin backhand is different 2. The Backhand Unit Turn or racket take back is also an important detail to make sure you […]

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How to Make your Forehand Look Better!

Forehand Lesson: How to Make Your Forehand Look Better Today we have a really cool tennis lesson on the forehand. Stacey from D.C. wanted to clean up her forehand and make it look better! She also wanted more topspin and easy power on the forehand. Watch today’s Forehand Obsession and you will see massive improvement […]

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Adding Fed-Like Variety to Your Tennis Game

If you’ve ever tried play tennis with “Fed-Like” variety you know it’s not quite that simple as some of us may just be adding extra UNFORCED ERRORS! But variety in your game IS WORTH IT, even if it takes awhile to get yourself used to constantly mixing things up and costs you some points along […]

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Remember when Djokovic had a Bad Serve?

“I’m not better than Djokovic” Pete had to offer up as a disclaimer in our latest YouTube lesson, “but I’m better at this drill than he was”. Not so long ago Novak Djokovic was an ATP World Tour leader in double faults and bad serving statistics but still knocking at the doors of Roger and […]

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How high does Your Rally Ball Need to Be?

Do you ever think about your rally ball height? A rally ball needs to be your comfort zone and a reliable strength you use to force an opponent to back off! Your rally ball needs to be easy to produce, a shot you regularly allow yourself to get into a groove with whenever you hit […]

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3 Tips for Better Contact

In today’s game you hear A LOT about topspin, the flick of the wrist, the new string/racket technology that enables a player to generate MASSIVE spin and power. Of course it’s true that the tennis equipment we use now is better than it has ever been before… But one thing has not changed and it’s […]

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