Tennis Lessons: Tabata Tues: This 5 minute workout will kill you

It is quite unimaginative that an exercise drill of 5 minutes and 40 seconds can exhaust you completely. But if done appropriately a 5minute-workout can work wonders for your game. Whole-hog and extensive work-out sessions are most important for beginners because they prepare the player for pervasive games. Endurance and stamina doesn’t come naturally, one […]

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Backhand Tennis Lesson: The Built in Loop

Forehand shots are unquestionably easier than backhand shots. You can do more experimentation and can learn more techniques in forehand shots in just one go. Backhand involves your non-functional hand as well and that makes it all the way more difficult to put absolute energy and finesse in a backhand shot. Backhand is also a […]

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