Do you ever think about your rally ball height?

A rally ball needs to be your comfort zone and a reliable strength you use to force an opponent to back off! Your rally ball needs to be easy to produce, a shot you regularly allow yourself to get into a groove with whenever you hit and you can make 9 out of 10 any day of the week!

It’s important, this rally ball, it’s important that you spend a little time on developing it and A LOT of time mastering it. Because this is a key shot that will keep you stay alive in a rally and its a shot that will consistently create opportunities for you while limiting your opponent’s opportunities in the match.


  • Reduce unforced errors into the net
  • Push your opponent back
  • Buy yourself extra time for court positioning
  • Force errors from opponent by making them play higher uncomfortable shots at the baseline

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So how high does my rally ball need to be?

Well if you want to see that ball in action just watch the video below, our video lesson of the week where we measure the height you need to aim for on the rally ball… HINT… it helps to aim a little bit higher than where you actually want the ball to drop.

That’s why Pete and I stacked two RF 97 rackets on top of the net (PICTURED BELOW) and made the goal to aim through the strings of the top racket.


Your rough estimate answer: AIM 1 and ¾ RF 97’s ABOVE THE CENTER NET STRAP (or your racket of choice)



  • GREATLY reduce number of errors into the net.
  • You can hit a higher bouncing ball that your opponent will have a harder time creating offense with. (Especially against opponents who aren’t very tall!)
  • You will force short balls that YOU CAN CREATE OFFENSE with!!

BUT remember… use the hips; use the body to hit a solid ball that moves quickly enough to be effective!

Unfortunately a slow roller ball with height over the net won’t get the job done in most cases 🙂

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