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serving-a-to-z and 7 steps to a powerful serve

Does this ever happen to you?

  • You struggle to toss the ball in a place you can rely on...
  • Your body just feels out of balance on the serve
  • You just pray the ball goes in the box and the box just gets smaller and smaller
  • Your hands start to shake and you get short of breath from being so nervous because you just can’t trust your serve
  • You wish you could have more power spin and control but have no idea how to start the proces
If you answered yes to any of these questions...that is great because you have joined forces with virtually anyone who has ever picked up a racket.

I have spent thousands of hours on the court working with thousands of students helping them solve these exact problems. The good news for you is with a little hard work, trust, and perseverance you too will conquer all these problems. The best part is and the end of the dark tunnel there is light and the reward is that tremendous feeling of self accomplishment. So if you don’t give up and you stick with me, we will get there together, I promise.

Why do so many tennis players struggle with the serve?


Poor Problem Solving


No System to Follow

If you don't know why your serve is going in the net, long, or wide you need to own this course. Inside the training I teach you how to become your own Tennis Doctor. You will be able to instantly identify reasons for errors and fix them in the flow of a match without overthinking.
There are lots of conflicting videos out there and if you are trying to piece meal everything together by watching hundreds of videos from different coaches the end result is a headache and not a better serve.
Most tennis players answers to a poor serving day is to hit more baskets of serves. This is to be admired but when you have serving flaws it is only reinforcing bad habits. I have a simple system for developing second serve confidence. When you follow it step by step you cannot lose.

How to Develop a dependable Serve You Can Trust!

If you have struggled with Serve Confidence I want you to know, you are in the right place, at the right time! I am a USPTA Elite Professional with over 35 years of playing and coaching experience. I have been able to fix every hitch and glitch known to mankind when it comes to the serve.

I discovered what works … and what doesn’t … because unlike other online instructors I am still teaching on the court EVERYDAY.

The methods I use to teach every aspect of the second serve are PROVEN TO WORK.

I have watched as …
  • Chronic double faulters have molded their second serve into a thing of beauty.
  • Tennis players who were terrified of changing to the continental grip finally took that successful leap of faith.
  • The worst players at the Club started to finally win games, then sets, matches, and go onto state championships.
And the BEST part for you is I have taken all my years of coaching experience, all my breakthrough teaching methods, and developed a Complete Training System for mastering the serve.

My Most Popular Course is called Serving A to Z and I am so confidence this course will work for you that I have certified it with my LIFETIME Full Money Back Guarantee!

Plus I'm throwing in a FREE DOWNLOADABLE BOOK 7 Steps to a Powerful Serve.

Thousands have already gone through the progam and transformed their serve!

Pete, I have been serious about tennis for about 18 months now, Your second serve confidence defined the swings necessary for slice and kick that I was not getting for my local coach. This alone is with the price of the course. Now I can practice, practice and practice the correct way. Thanks!,
Ron CTennis Player
Pete, “I used the 'party' tip today in a match where I had an opportunity to move to the number one position on my club ladder. Success! Won 6-1 6-1 and felt nice and focused and confident. I had one period of doldrums but I got back to my confidence pretty quickly. Can't wait till I'm hitting that sick kick to add to that confidence.” Thanks!,
Ed Tennis Player
I put the dangle into full effect tonight. Really noticeable improvement. I could feel the 'crack' as the head sped up into the ball. Priceless tip.
SteveTennis Player
Awesome way to teach this! Great! Tks! Now, I really understand! =)
MarlonTennis Player

Before and After Serve Analysis

What's Inside The Serve Training System

Module 1 Getting Started


Rules of Serving

Two Face Drill


Fish for Aces

Surfboard Serving

Total Value= $19

Module 2 Rhthym and Toss


Spreading the Wings

The Rain Man

Rhythm in Slow Motion


Total Value $24

Module 3 Toss and Arm


Total Value $9.99

Module 4 Grips and Practice Tips


Strategy Session

How to Warm Up

How to Measure your Practice


Secret Project

Advanced Serving Grip

Total Value $19.99

Module 5 The Slice Serve


Living on the Edge

Skipping the Rocks

Key Points in Slow Motion

The Bowling Alley Slice

Total Value $14.99

Module 6 The Kick Serve


Kick Serve Overview

Knee Kickers Step by Step

Over the Fence Kick


Fence Scrape

Behind the Leg Drill

Kick Serve Slow Motion Analysis

Total Value $24.99

Module 7 Flat Serve


Slam Dunk

Power Moves

Advanced Rhythm for Power

Connect the Core Power

Total Value $14.99

Bonus Section


How to master control

In to the Body Serve


The Whip

Serve Seminar

Total bonus value $37

7 steps to a power serve


  • How do I access course? Answer: After payment you get information on how to set up your online account.
  • Are the videos shipped? Answer: No they are instantly available instantly online.
  • Can the videos be downloaded? Answer: Yes you can download the videos and bring them to the practice court.
  • What if I have trouble accessing the material or forget my login id? Answer: No worries just email me at or call 770-990-8034 and I will personally assist you.
  • Is this a one time payment or monthly? Answer: You pay $4.95 one time to access materials and will not be billed again.
  • How long do I have to watch the videos? Answer: You have lifetime access...enjoy
  • What if page expires before I buy? Answer: The offer expires when the page expires. You snooze you lose as they say.

Who is Peter Freeman? Does he really know tennis or is he a quack?

USPTA Elite Professional: Peter Freeman has the highest level of USPTA testing certification. The USPTA is the largest and oldest coaching organization in the world. To become an Elite Professional, a USPTA member must be at least 22 years old, pass the written Elite exam, which covers business, programming, sport science and tennis operations, Elite stroke analysis exam and the Elite-level on-court exams. In addition, members must earn 16 specialty course and 24 APC credits. Elite Professionals are required to earn 6 credits every three years to maintain their membership. They commonly are considered for director of tennis or head tennis professional positions.

What separates Pete is he is down in the trenches everyday helping students just like you solve problems in their game to get to the next level. Did you know many online instructors are not even certified to teach tennis and don’t teach any on court students?

Pete has coached division 1 college players, produced state level and national champions, and been awarded the honor of USTA Georgia Pro of the year.He loves teaching students of all levels and ages. He has a passion for tennis like no one else in the business and will do whatever it takes to get your game to the next level.

Pete has also worked with some of the top names in the tennis industry. He has coached under Tony Palafox, who was John McEnroe’s former coach, and Frank Brennan former Stanford University Coach who won 10 national titles.

He has made instructional tips with Brian Gottfried, Murphy Jensen, Charlie Pasarel, and Rick Leach. Most recently he made an instructional video course with tennis legends, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, and John Newcombe.
  • YouTube Channel has over 3 million views.
  • voted Pete's instructional channel top 10 in the world.
  • USTA Georgia Pro of the Year
  • Midwest Sports host of Tues Tip of the Week.

Hurry Time is Running Out! Here is everything you get one more time...

7 steps to a power serve

Module 1 Getting Started $19.99

  • Rules of Serving
  • Two Face
  • Popcorn Drill
  • Fishing for Aces
  • Surfboard Surfing

Module 2 Rhythm and Toss $24

  • Spread the wings lesson
  • The Rain Man
  • Rhythm in slow motion breakdown
  • Power Moves
  • The Toss
  • The Toss in Slow Motion

Module 3 Toss and Arm $9.99

  • Fence Trap Drill
  • Key Serve Tips on the toss
  • Aim Like a Golf Pro

Module 4 Grips and Practice Tips $19.99

  • Strategy Session
  • How to warm up
  • How to measure your practice
  • Secret Project
  • Advanced Serving Grips

Module 5 Slice Serve $14.99

  • Living on the Edge
  • Slice Serve Slow Motion Analysis
  • Skipping the Rocks
  • The Bowling Alley Slice

Module 6 the Kick Serve $24.99

  • The Kick Serve
  • The Kick Serve in Slow Motion
  • The Over the Fence Drill
  • The Fence Scrape Feel
  • The Behind the Leg Move
  • Knee Kickers Step by Step

Module 7 Flat Serve $14.99

  • Flat Serve
  • Slam Dunk Spiker Drill
  • Core Power

Module 8 Big Serve Bonus Section $37

  • Into the Body Serve Section
  • Serve Seminar
  • Serve Analysis and Best Tip Ever!
  • The Whip
  • How to Master Balance and Control

Total Lesson Value $165.94 Of Instruction GET YOURS FREE

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