Just got back from Indian Wells. It was really amazing!!! I got to see all the top dogs on the practice court which is my favorite part of going to see professional tennis.

Here is a video of Novak hitting with Baby Federer. It is pretty awesome to watch these guys hit so close up. Enjoy

Then here is a cool bonus video and back story. Dimitrov I believe was getting a little frustrated in the practice(can’t say for sure pure speculation on my part) anyway he leaves practice early. Novak stays around for an extra 30 minutes after a 90 minute intense hitting session.

He works on his serve and his return of serve diligently with Marian Vajda who was Novak’s coach for many years before Boris Becker took over the lead role, so obviously Marian is still very much in the picture.

Here is where it gets really good after practice Novak comes over to sign autographs and is super friendly. I can tell you not all the players spend this much time with the crowd like Novak did. He also gave his hat away to a little boy who made a special sign for Novak. It was a pretty special moment I thought and I am so glad I caught it on film.

You gotta love this guy!!! Be back soon with more instructional videos…

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