7 Day Forehand Challenge 2021 – OP - Crunch Time Coaching

7 Day Forehand Obsession Challenge

March 27- April 2nd 2023

Give me 7 Days and I will give you the BEST Forehand training you have ever experienced for FREE!

  • Up to 15 MPH More Power
  • Add 500 RPM's of Topspin
  • Crush Midcourt Approach Shots and Returns

 It's Free Transform your FOREHAND in 2023

Get Free 48 Hour Access to Each Training Day so you can decide if you want lifetime access. 

Transform your FOREHAND in 2023!

Your Mission: You will get 48 hour FREE ACCESS to each training day to complete your 7 Day Challenge

  • Master the ATP Forehand Blueprint
  • Develop the "Ultimate Rally Ball"
  • Hit with MORE Spin and Power
  • Take over points with OFFENSIVE Firepower!
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You get 48 Hour Free Access to Each Training Day! PLUS Get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to 7 Day Serve Challenge

Day 1: ATP FOREHAND SPIN and Power Blueprint

By far the Biggest evolution in tennis that has moved the game forward is the Modern ATP Forehand. The modern forehand has enabled players to hit forehands faster, with more spin, and accuracy than ever before.

If you really study today’s ATP forehand you will notice that all the pros have the exact same forehand blueprint. The experiment on how to BEST hit a forehand is OVER.

Back in the 80’s you could look at the 3 best players in the world Connors, McEnroe, and Lendl and see 3 completely different forehand styles.

Not today!

Look at Roger, Novak, and Rafa, the key elements on how to hit a forehand are almost identical.

Rick Macci started to call this model the ATP Forehand. But the ATP forehand is now so widely accepted that it is taking over the WTA Tour as well.

Just take a look at Ash Barty hit a forehand and you will see very little difference between her and Roger Federer from preparation to finish!


Because after all the studies and experiments the ATP Modern Forehand has proven to be superior to anything previously used. 

On Day 1, I will show you the key elements you must master if you want to UPGRADE your Old School forehand into something a little more modern that works a whole lot better!

Day 2: The Ultimate Rally Ball

Want to win a boat load of matches?

Then you need to develop the ULTIMATE Rally Ball.

What is the Ultimate Rally Ball?

The Ultimate Rally Ball is a groundstroke you can hit with full confidence that goes in everytime and is almost impossible to attack!

I believe Novak has perfected this shot and Rafa is a close second.

Too many tennis players are chasing the “shiny object” of trying to figure out how to hit more winners.

But the smart tennis player knows the key to winning matches consistently is cutting down the unforced errors.

The Ultimate Rally Ball goes beyond that because not only are you eliminating mistakes but you are also hitting an offensive forehand that creates mistakes and easy short balls from your opponent.

On day 2, I will teach you how to hit the Ultimate Rally Ball and show you my 2 favorite practice drills to increase your consistency by up to 50% in 30 days or less!

Day 3: Forehand Offensive Take Over

Do you notice when the pros get a ball in the midcourt they crush it every time with dependable accuracy and consistency?

With 30 years of coaching under my belt I noticed that most recreational players actually lose most of the time when they are forced to take over a point in the midcourt.

The midcourt is usually a glaring weakness for most players.

If you are sick and tired of making silly mistakes or letting your opponents get away with meatball groundstrokes you need to tune into day 3!

You will learn how to hit crush and rush approach shots and inside out rocket ship winners!

When you master the midcourt the entire game of tennis will open up to you!

Day 4: Break Their Serve Forehand Return Training

Have you ever played someone with a HUGE forehand return? It is intimidating isn’t it?

The box gets very small and you lose confidence in your ability to defend your serve.

When this happens most likely you are about to lose! How would you LIKE to be the player that has the BIG FEARHAND return?

Of course you would. I will teach you how to make your opponent pay when they serve fast balls to your forehand.

Plus, I will show you how to CRUSH weak second serves. If you want to consistently break serve you will not miss this challenge day!

Day 5: ATP Advanced Footwork Patterns

The pros don’t waste steps!

And they use every step to play shots as offensively as possible.

The KINETIC chain is a REAL thing and cannot be ignored.

The main principle of the KINETIC chain is that athletes build power from the ground up. 

If your movement is OFF you are robbing yourself of enormous power!

I will Upgrade Your Forehand by showing you the BEST way to move no matter what situation you find yourself on the court. 

You will instantly learn how to turn defense into offense and how to recover with efficiency.

If you want to cover the court better it is all about working smarter with your movement and NOT harder.

Day 6: Serve Plus 1

Have you heard of Serve Plus 1?

It is a fancy way of saying, “Dominate your matches with a BIG Serve and BIG Forehand”.

The pros are getting so proficient at this play that it is not uncommon for them to win 80% to 90% of their first serve points.

The days of hitting returns and recovering back to the middle are over!

The pros are running something I like to call Serve and Shade plays which favor the forehand for obvious reasons. 

I will show you how to RUN and execute 5 Serve and Shade plays when you tune in on day 5

Day 7: The Perfect Forehand Full Practice Session

On Day 7 you will day everything you learned in the first 6 days and bring it all together into a perfect practice session.

You will NOT waste-minute of your time when you hit the court and will practice every aspect of the ATP forehand.

Practice it all:


-The ATP Forehand Blueprint

-The Ultimate Rally Ball -Offensive Court Take Over

-Breaking Serve Forehand Practice 

-ATP Advanced Footwork Patterns

-5 Serve Plus One Plays

Get on and off the court in 30 minutes with the Perfect Forehand Practice System.

If you practice this consistently for the next 30 days I promise your confidence in match play will be experiencing a NEW high!

Review of my first 7 day challenge

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After watching your 7 Day Forehand Obsession Challenge print out your daily drill sheet and bring it to the practice court.

Your drill book includes:

1. The Money Challenge of the day so you know The "Secret" to winning FREE Money! The Money Challenges are easy to do regardless of age or skill level! 

2. Warm Up Exercises so you can practice your serve safely! 

3. Drill Progressions follow the step by step progressions complete with images so you practice the right way and stop wasting valuable practice time! 

4. Quick Tips and Key words that provide you with friendly reminders that are essential for developing a proper serve technique. 

5. Score Cards so you can track you progress you can enter your serve score for each day of the 7 Day Forehand Obsession Challenge! 

This will be your trusty guide you can use to make sure you are always on the right track!

I will be there with you each day every step of the way!!!

You will see on each training day a circle picture of me.

This is really cool and I don't know of anyone else doing something like this.

When you click on my image you can communicate with me in 3 different ways.

1. You can leave me a written message that I will respond to.

2. An Audio message where you can freely express yourself in more detail.

3. A video message where you can talk to me and even show me what challenges you are facing.

This will make the program more interactive and more valuable then any serve program you have experienced!