7 Day Power Generator Challenge - Crunch Time Coaching

7 Day Power Generator Challenge

Give me 7 Days and I will give you the MORE Power training on all shots than you have ever experienced for FREE!

  • Hit 100 MPH Serves
  • 90 MPH Forehands
  • Add 500 RPMS on Your Backhands
  • End points with penetrating volleys and overheads

 It's Free Transform your GAME in 2023

Get Free 48 Hour Access to Each Training Day so you can decide if you want lifetime access. 

Take you Power Game to a NEW LEVEL in 2024!

Your Mission: You will get 48 hour FREE ACCESS to each training day to complete your 7 Day Challenge

  •  Hit 100 MPH ServesCrush
  •  Crush 90 MPH Forehands
  •  End points at the NET with confidence
  •  Take over points with OFFENSIVE Firepower!

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You get 48 Hour Free Access to Each Training Day! PLUS Get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to 7 Day Power Generator Challenge

Day 1: Hit 100 MPH Serves: The Ultimate Power Serve Lesson

Having a fast serve can almost make you invincible as a tennis player.


Your opponents will struggle just to get the ball back in play.

When you show them that they cannot break your serve it leaves them feeling hopeless and they begin to feel a TON of pressure on their serve games!

All you need is one break a set and the match is yours.

On Day 1 I will teach you the secret to developing a 100 mph serve.

This lesson will give you the perfect base of solid fundamentals to start building the serve of your dreams.

And as a bonus I have the BEST Power Serve Videos from our Tennis Con All Stars like Jeff Salzenstien, Top Tennis Training, and Brady Heite.

Day 2: Hit 90 MPH Forehands: Forehand Domination Day

Want to dominate matches?

Then you need to show up for Forehand Domination Day.

I will show you how to hit a 90 MPH forehand with easy power.

On forehand domination day I will walk you through 5 exercises to build the perfect kinetic chain on the forehand.

By the end of this lesson you will be crushing your forehands so BIG I know it is going to put a BIG smile your face.

Too many tennis players try TOO hard to create power which actually results in tight, slower, forehands.

But when you learn how to "UNLEASH" effortless forehand power you can dominate your matches whether you play singles or doubles.

Day 3: Weaponize your Backhand by adding 500 RPMS of topspin.

How would you like to play more offensive, stay in control of points, and have more fun hitting your backhand?

Millions of players all over the world have trouble using their backhand as a weapon.

In fact, for most tennis players the backhand is a HUGE liability that can be exploited and attacked!

The main thing holding players back on the backhand is the FEAR of swinging out on the ball.

Many players end up resorting to pushing and punching their backhands.

What's the fix?

Topspin Mastery!!!!

Learning how to rip backhands with topspin gives your the GREEN light to grip it and rip it!

Join me of day 3 and I will reveal the blueprint for felt ripping topspin backhands!!!!

Day 4: Penetrating Forehand Volleys

How many more matches will you win on the singles or doubles court when you can consistently stick your volleys?

Be honest....

How many times have you or your partner set the table for a PERFECT put away volley and you just can't finish the job?

Don't feel bad I see this all day from players just like you.

But we can NOT ignore the problem, so many matches are LOST because players and teams can't finish at the net!

Volleys are NOT well taught by coaches and under practiced by students.

On day 4, I will show you how to stick your forehand volley with power and precision.

And you need both.

A good volley player is kind of like a snipper, they just need one good look to finish the job.

Tune in to learn the secret to consistently put away volleys with confidence.

Day 5: Picture Perfect Backhand Volleys

I have to be honest MOST players have weak backhand volleys.

This is because the technique is NOT very good.

It does not matter how hard you try, even if you hit thousands of balls.

If your technique is not PERFECT, your backhand volley will be weak.

Lucky for you I had an old Aussie Coach who taught me Picture Perfect technique on the volley.

Back in the day when I was a state champion I would serve and volley first and second serve.

As a coach, I have developed a step by step formula to a Picture Perfect Backhand volley.

After going through my step by step process your volley will:

  1.  Have more penetration through the court
  2.  Will stay low and firm over the net
  3.  Will skid low off the court

If you want to hit beautiful backhand volleys tune in on day 5!

Day 6: Overheads that End Points and Win Matches!

If I played 4.0 tennis or below I would NEVER try a passing shot.


Because NO one puts away overheads!!

Why would I risk a passing shot when a half decent lob will work almost every time?

It should make you REALLY mad to read that.

There is NO way opponents should get away with lobbing you to death.

They should pay the price for feeding you very EASY overheads.

Overheads should be the equivalent to a slam dunk in basketball.

It is as close to a sure thing you get on the tennis court. 

In fact the pros almost NEVER miss them!

On Day 6, I will show you EXACTLY why your overhead is NOT getting the job done and how to fix it.

You will also learn how to improve your overhead even if you don't have a practice partner!

Day 7: The Perfect Power Practice

On Day 7 you will day everything you learned in the first 6 days and bring it all together into a perfect power practice session.

You will NOT waste-minute of your time when you hit the court and will practice every aspect of power on all the shots in tennis!

Practice it all:


Hit 100 MPH Serves: The Ultimate Power Serve Lesson

- Forehand Domination Day: 90 MPH Forehands

- Weaponizing your Backhand: Add 500 MPH of Topspin

- Penetrating Forehand Volleys: 

- Picture Perfect Backhand Volleys

- Overheads that END Points and Win Matches!!!

Get on and off the court in 30 minutes with the Perfect Power Practice System.

If you practice this consistently for the next 30 days I promise your confidence in match play will be experiencing a NEW high!

Review of my first 7 day challenge

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After watching your 7 Day Power Generator Challenge print out your daily drill sheet and bring it to the practice court.

Your drill book includes:

1. Warm Up Exercises so you can practice your serve safely! 

2. Drill Progressions follow the step by step progressions complete with images so you practice the right way and stop wasting valuable practice time! 

3. Quick Tips and Key words that provide you with friendly reminders that are essential for developing a BIG power on all your shots. 

This will be your trusty guide you can use to make sure you are always on the right track!

I will be there with you each day every step of the way!!!

You will see on each training day a circle picture of me.

This is really cool and I don't know of anyone else doing something like this.

When you click on my image you can communicate with me in 3 different ways.

1. You can leave me a written message that I will respond to.

2. An Audio message where you can freely express yourself in more detail.

3. A video message where you can talk to me and even show me what challenges you are facing.

This will make the program more interactive and more valuable then any online training program you have experienced!