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Coaches Of last year'sTennis Con 7.
Tennis Con 8 promises to be even better!

I’ve put together The BEST Coaches who are world leaders in the industry. They Help Players of all levels Achieve the Highest Level of Success!

Day 1:

Mark shares his "Doubles Practice Secrets" he used to win 17 Grand Slams

Mark Woodforde / 17 Time Grand Slam Doubles Champion

Former Top 100 Pro Teaches you How to be Unstoppable on and off the court!

Jeff Salzentein / Owner of Tennis Evolution, Former Top 100 ATP Pro, and USTA High Performance Coach

5 Steps to a Perfect Forehand

Ryan Reidy / USPTA Elite Professional and owner of 2MinuteTennis Over 184,000 subscribers on YouTube

Stop Missing Overheads...and finally put the ball away

Tomaz Mencinger / Owner of Feel Tennis, Over 206,000 subscribers on YouTube.

How to Hit 100 MPH Serves Even if your Under 6 Feet Tall

Daytri / Day Day are Co-Owners of Racquet Flex with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

How to Hit 100 MPH Serves Even if your Under 6 Feet Tall

Daytri / Day Day are Co-Owners of Racquet Flex with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

Stop Floating Backhand Volleys...Get Penetrating Volleys that bite

Brady Hiete / Owner of Daily Tennis Lesson with over 50,300 subscribers on YouTube

Fix Erratic Shaky Tosses

Lisa Dodson / Creator of the "Serve" and "Toss" Master

ATP Coach Gives You a Return of Serve Masterclass

Karue Sell / Co-Owner of Tennis HQ Over 80k Subscribers on YouTube

Play smarter with Match Analytics

Brett Hobden provides match analytics to many of the games top athletes on the ATP and WTA tour

Day 2:

Fix sloppy footwork...and start moving like a pro

Dave Bailey in the world's leading tennis footwork coach who works with high performance players at the national training center in Orlando FL.

Best All Around Practice Session with Limited Time

Alex and Simon / Top Tennis Training over 341,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Bulletproof Your Serve Toss to eliminate serve anxiety

John Craig / Owner of Performance Plus Tennis with Over 22,000 subscribers on YouTube

Create Massive Energy and Power on Your Serve

Vincent Simone The Tennis Doctor Tennis with Over 10,400 subscribers on YouTube

80/20 tennis improvement…. Finding the big levers in your game to move up an entire level in your ranking system

Florian Meier owner of Online Tennis Instruction with over 108k Subscribers on YouTube

Bulletproof Your Tennis Gear. Play with the Best Rackets, Strings, and shoes

Sam Jones/ Tennis Express equipment expert

Hit firm accurate volleys with tips you have never seen before

Scott Baxter and Nate Bolling - Play Your Court- Everything you need to play more tennis and improve your game

5 Ways to Play Bigger (Without Hitting Harder)

Ashley Neaves - Owner of The Tennis Mentor

Build Bulletproof Doubles Strategy at 3.0,3.5, and 4.0 level

Will Boucek host of the Tennis Tribe and Winning Doubles PODCAST

5 Progression Drills to Master the Lag and Snap Forehand

Gregg Le Sueur - Online Tennis Instruction Over 101,000 subscribers on YouTube

Improve Technique and Timing without leaving the house

Mark Segan - Owner of TrueTennis VR lets you play anywhere anytime

Play Singles with Confidence

Mehrban Iranshad - Owner of the Tennis Files Podcast and the Tennis Summit

Day 3:

5 Secrets to Championship Doubles with 17 Grand Slam Champion

Gigi Fernandez - 17 Grand Slam Champion and creator of the Gigi Method

Amplify your Forehand Power

Vincent Simone the Tennis Doctor 10.4k Subscribers on YouTube

Bulletproof plays to defend your shield in singles

Ian Westermann / Owner of Essential Tennis, Over 295,000 subscribers on YouTube

Replace the Old Rules of Doubles with New Rules

Will Hamilton - Owner of Fuzzy Yellow Balls and creator of the Singles and Doubles Playbook

How I won 9 Gold Balls in 12 months by developing 5 mental habits

Brent Abel - Winner of 19 Gold Balls and own of Web Tennis

Bulletproof Pilates after match cool down

Linda Warga- Beach Piliates

Cracking the Return Code: Keys to Reading Opponent Serves

Johnathan Stokke: former all-american at Duke. Owner of Baseline Podcast and has over 79 k followers on instagram

5 Ways to Play Bigger (Without Hitting Harder)

Pat Whitworth - USPTA Master Pro and Director of Tennis at River Club

Secrets to the Best Groundstrokes of your life!

Matt Bradshaw - Creator and Host of Coffee Break Tennis Over 16,000 YouTube Subscribers

An Education on Rackets and Strings with the Most Popular Pro Shop Owner in the World

Harry "Tennis Spin" - Over 54k subscribers on YouTube

Build Consistency and Confidence with 1000 reps a day

John Davey Fast Track Founder and CEO

Day 4:

Avoiding the 3 Big Mental Traps that Kill Your Confidence

Jeff Greenwald - M.A., M.F.T/ Author, Renowned Sport Psychologist Two-Time World-Champion

Perfect Serve Practice (do this 3 times a week)

Davide Innocenti - Played Divison 1 college tennis at UNC Wilmington and has 1 ATP point

Two Handed Backhand Master Class with USPTA & PTR Master Pro

Jorge Capestany - USPTA and PTR Master Pro, Owner of Tennis Drills TV and Capestany Tennis.com

Game Changing Communication

Emma Doyle - Owner of emmadoyle.com.au and author of What Makes a Great Coach?

Consistent Backhand Returns. Turn Defense into instant offense

Kevin Garlington - Total Tennis Domination Over 100 k Subscribers on YouTube

Rip one handers with powerful topspin

Davor- Owner of "Tennis Haus" over 273k followers on instagram

Bulletproof Your Timing

Richard Brice - Owner of the "Tennis Hacker" over 11 k Subscribers on YouTube

"Revive and Thrive: Tennis Recovery Yoga"

Robbie Lynn Dobbie Yoga instructor to the stars like Gigi Fernandez and the Bryan Bros

Day 5:

10 Exercises Every Tennis Player needs to do to play better tennis and avoid injuries

Dr. Mark Kovacs - Owner of the Kovas Institute and Trainer to our Top American Athletes

Encore: Pete Gets a Private Serve Lesson with Mark Kovacs

Dr. Mark Kovacs - Owner of the Kovas Institute and Trainer to our Top American Athletes

Peter Freeman- Creator of Tennis Con/ 55k Subscribers on YouTube

Avoid Pushing Your Backhand

Vincent Simone the Tennis Doctor 10.4k Subscribers on YouTube

Optimal Nutrition for Tennis Performance

Kaleigh - Tennis Nutritionist with over 1k followers on Instagram

The Monster Bounce Kick Serve lesson

Guillaume Berman - Co-Owner of Tennis Fantasies in Europe

5 Secrets to Master the Midcourt and Net Play

Shadisha Robinson - High Performance Coach, Former Doubles National Champion and All American at University of Georgia

Building Big Momentum and Winning Habits

Milan Krnjetin - Over 51 K Followers on Instagram

Bulletproof Recovery Workout: Bounce Back Faster and Stronger

Dean Hollingworth - High Performance Coach and owner of Baselinepower.com

Playing Smart and Problem Solving under Immense Pressure

Tennis Troll All Stars - Tennis Troll over 13K Subscribers on YouTube

Serving Checkpoints

Vladyslav Ostrovskyy: Tennis Coach in the Ukraine over 28 k followers on Instagram

Hit Two Handers Like a Pro with WTA Tour Player

Ema Burgic Bucko- Over 62k followers on Instagram and co-host of www.acecoach.com.au

Feisal Hassan's Mad Me Tennis Improvement System

Feisal Hassan is a USPTA and RPT Master Professional

"High-Octane Tennis: Cardio HIIT Workout

Troy David "Train with Troy" 11.4K Followers on Instagram

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I can’t imagine a more successful TennisCon.

You are truly the best.

Thanks so much for all your efforts to compile that amazing lineup.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated last week.

You are #1″

Nabeen ‧ 

Tennis Con Member

“Really enjoying all the sessions.  Just played this morning and already seeing a difference!

Much appreciated…”

Edmund ‧ Tennis Con Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tennis Con is an online tennis education that features Over 40 of the BEST Coaches on the planet. This year our event 100% Dedicated towards helping you Hit harder, Move Faster, Think Faster and Win More Matches. If you want to hit bigger serves, forehands, and backhands this is the tennis event for you.
Tennis Con 7 is for Tennis players who have a strong appetite for reaching their full potential and love learning from the games best players and coaches!
NO…That is the BEST Part you can watch the event from the comfort of your own home!
Each day, you will have 48 hour access to amazing instruction during the FREE Promotional Week of Tennis Con 4. But to get the BEST and MOST use out of the event I strongly recommend getting a Lifetime Access pass offered after you sign up for your FREE ACCESS Pass. That way you can watch Tennis Con 4 anywhere, anytime you want.

Meet Your Hosts

Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman is a USPTA Elite Professional. His YouTube Channel has been voted Top 10 in the world by Lessons.com

Pete was a state champ and top 100 nationally ranked junior growing up, and played #1 at American University in DC.


He is the Head Tennis Coach for Midwest Sports where he delivers his Tuesday INSTA Tip every week. And Pete has been able to work with some of the Biggest Legends in Tennis:


– Rod Laver
– Fred Stolle
– John Newcombe
– Roy Emerson
– Murphy Jensen
– Rick Leach
– Brian Gottfried
– Tony Palofox
– Frank Brennan


But who he enjoys working the most with is YOU! Tennis players that share his passion for the game and have a burning desire to improve.


Pete truly believes you are one magic tip away from cracking the code and having a tennis break through.


Has the Fastest Growing Tennis Talk show on YouTube called Coffee Break Tennis.


Every week thousands of loyal listeners tune in to hear what the Original FED head has to say about the state of professional tennis.


During this years Wimbledon and US Open tournaments his show had over 400,000 hits in YouTube. Matt has also joined the Crunch Time Coaching instructional team and making videos with Pete!

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