Today Learn the 6 Essential Ingredients needed to become a complete player

 (4-Part Course)


Be the puzzle no one can solve!

Learn to master all 3 Spins (topspin, flat, and slice) and how to use them to dismantle your competition!

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6 Essential Ingredients


How to Start Matches in the zone!


Pete Plays Tennis!


Mixology Formula

Discover the #1 Goal You Are Trying to Accomplish on Every Point!

What if you could be the puzzle no one could figure out? Would you win more matches? Of course you would! 

In my 35 years of playing and coaching, I have seen countless players struggle to master the concept of spin and placement of the tennis ball. The end result is you have limited options in a tennis match because you don't trust your strokes. Your game gets very predictable to read and there is no B or C plan to fall back to when things are not going well in a match.​

In this series I am going to show you how to change all of that. If you join me on this journey when you look back you will accomplish 2 HUGE goals.​

1. You will have mastered all 3 spins on every shot!

2. You will know how to systematically use those 3 Spins to dismantle your competition on the singles and doubles court!​

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

  • The 6 Essential Ingredients                                            Learn the 6 essential ingredients needed to become a complete player.
  • The Go to Pressure Play
    Video 3 shows you my go to pressure play that works like a charm on BIG Points when you maybe nervous.
  • The Match Zone Formula
    Video 2 shows you a systematic approach on how to start your matches in "The Zone"!
  • The Mixology Formula For Success
    Video 4 reveals the road map for success and how you can systematically and predictable become a certified mixologist.

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