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The The Most Powerful Serving Weapon Helping Adults Dominate Local League Play and Play National Level Tournaments Yours for FREE

Imagine what it’s going to be like when your completely dumb found your opponent. 

I mean they can look silly…LITERALLY! 

Slice is one serve you can move all over the box with great success.

A serve you can count on in the CRUNCH. 

No matter what your age and playing level is, you can win More FREE points using the Slice Serve.

The Problem Is - Not Too Many People Know How To Do a Really Good Slice Serve

If you simply do not have enough control over the ball, you are not going to have the serve right.

You want a slice Serve you can enjoy for years and easily win free points. 

The good news is - I have paved the path for you to master the elusive Slice Serve.

You’ll mastering a Slice Serve that provokes a WEAK response from your opponent. 

Imagine..when people shake their heads in DISBELIEF when you make your opponent RUN for the ball leaving the entire court open. 

And some of your friends would say “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?”

Introducing: The Gunner Slice Serve Speciality Course

This Course is Jam Packed With Pro Tips And Tactics Used By Legendary Players to Win Crucial Match Points Using The Slice Serve

Here is a fraction of what you are getting inside this course:

  • How to hold the serve with less effort preventing unnecessary injuries
  • Add more spin without making any major technical changes in your serve 
  • How to make that ball buzz so you can start to master the field
  • How to add more spin with a little known GRIP change secret
  • How to find the proper contact point so you don’t end up hustling your serve without power or spin 
  • How to FLATTEN out the slice so that you do not become too predictable to your opponents 
  • How to have multiple options and variations to your slice serve 
  • What is the proper stance position so that your serve feels natural and easy
  • How to add power and gain control on your serve
  • How to use your core so that you don’t end up arming serve that will tire you out and can lead to injury
  • The 3-step rhythm progression so that you can win all three critical points on the serve that all professionals must master
  • How to add more whip and power to your serve

With your Gunner Slice Serve Speciality Course,
You Are Getting FIVE Awesome Bonuses - FREE

  1. BONUS #1: How to use my CAT strategics so that you can find the EXTRA HIDDEN POWER you didn’t know existed
  2. BONUS #2: How to use PRONATION on your slice serve so you are not confusing yourself and making it a natural thing for you 
  3. BONUS #3: Weekend Wacker Spin Machine Technique so you can master the reserve wrist lag 
  4. BONUS #4: The ABC control drill
  5. BONUS #5: The Bowling for ACES

Total Value of These BONUSES: $275

Today, You Are Getting The Gunner Slice Serve Speciality Course ($197 Value) for FREE

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Who is Peter Freeman?

Peter is a USPTA Elite Professional with the highest level of testing certification. Pete has worked with some of the top names in the tennis industry. He has coached under Tony Palafox, who was John McEnroe’s former coach, and Frank Brennan former Stanford University Coach who won 10 national titles.