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Oct 22-26 Broadcasting Live From Newcombe Ranch in TX. Ground Zero for our Battle Against Father Time!

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      New! Get the official "30 Day No Player Left Behind" battle plan to defeat your Biggest Enemy...Father  Time!

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30 World Renowned Experts share their secrets to help you play 10 Years Younger, Cover More Court without being faster, and Read Your Opponents Like a book so you can poach like a MONSTER!

Get Your Free Ticket to Tennis Con and Start the Tennis Con 2 "No Man Left Behind" 30 Day Challenge

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48 Hour Limited Access to All Tennis Con 2 Video Lessons

Join Thousands of Passionate Tennis Players Just Like you who have a Burning Desire to Find the Tennis Fountain of Youth, and dare to dream their best years on court are still ahead!

SPEAKER Accomplishments and FEATURES

  • Wimbledon Champions
  • U.S Open Champions
  • French Open Champions
  • Australian Open Champions
  • ATP and WTA Coaches
  • Commentators for ESPN Tennis Channel 
  • USTA Senior National Champions
  • YouTube Coaching Legends

Meet Our Coaches...They are the Best in the World at what they do!

Gigi Fernandez

17 Grand Slam Winner and creator of the Gigi Method

Paul Annacone

Former Coach of Roger Federer and Pete Sampras

Dr. Mark Kovacs

Performance physiologist, researcher, professor, author, speaker and coach

Jeff Salzenstein

2 Time All-American and Former Top 100 ATP Player

Ian Westerman

Owner of Essential Tennis which has OVER 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Jorge Capestany

One of only 11 pros worldwide to be a Master Pro with the USPTA and PTR.

Lisa Dodson

Former WTA Professional and Creator of the Serve Master

John Yandell

Owner of The world's leading tennis magazine.

Greg le Sueur

Onlien Tennis Instruction Over 67,000 YouTube Subscribers

Andy Gerst

Tennis Warehouse Play Tester, WTA Tour Coach and Owner of Animus

Tom Avery

Owner of CTW Academy Over 42,000 YouTube Subscribers


Daily Tennis Lesson Over 29,000 YouTube Subscribers

Jeff Greenwald

M.A., M.F.T /  Author, Renowned Sport Psychologist Two-Time World-Champion

Brent Abel

9 Time National Amatuer Champion and owner of

Scott Baxter

USPTA Elite Professional and Owner of Play Your Court

Mehrban Iranshad

Owner of The Tennis Technique Summit and Tennis Files

Will Hamilton

Owner Fuzzy Yellow Balls Over 60 Millon Views on YouTube

Rick Macci

USPTA Coaching Hall of Fame and Former coach of Venus and Serena

John Craig

USPTA Elite Professional Owner of Performance Plus Tennis

Steve Contardi

Owner of Tennis Fantasies and Harper's Point Racket Club

George Wachtel

Author of Senior Tennis

Ramon Osa

Owner of Osa Tennis 360

Matt Bradshaw

       Coffee Break Tennis The Fastest Growing Talk Show on the Internet.

Joe Dinoffer

Owner OnCourt OffCourt        USPTA Master Pro

Peter Freeman

USPTA Elite Professional, Owner of Crunch Time Coaching and Tennis Con

Time Value of Tennis

Over 7,700 YouTube Subscribers

Bruce Connors

Former ATP Professional and Tennis Instructor at Harper's Point

Racquet Flex

       Over 7,700 Subscribers on YouTube

Kalindi Dinoffer

 OnCourt  OffCourt    Marketing Director and Wellness Coach

Nick Bollettieri

Tennis Hall of Fame Former Coach of Andre Agassi

Schedule of EVENTS

Play Younger, Faster, and Stronger Fix Your Leaks in a Week!

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"Kick Ass Serving Over 50"  Power when you want it and placement where you need it!    Monday Oct 22nd

Slice & Kick Serve Fundamentals

Almost impossible to have a great Slice and Kick Serve, Right?....WRONG. Brady from Daily Tennis Lesson will reveal the # 1 Mistake everyone keeps making right before contact.

If you have always DREAMED of sliding slices into the fence, and kick serves that EXPLODE off the concrete this is the SINGLE MOST important lesson of the day.

Brady  / Daily Tennis Lesson: Over 25k YouTube Subscribers

Rick Unleashed! Serve, Ground Strokes, & Mental Toughness

DON’T MISS Rick Unleashed. His lesson was hard to classify, because Golden Nugget tips keep flying out of his mouth at a fever pace.

Grab some popcorn and get out your notebook. After watching this video you be running to courts to practice. It’s kinda like that feeling you have after watching ROCKY!

Rick Macci  / Rick Macci Academy: Former coach of Venus and Serena  

Encore Presentation! The Secret to 100 mph Serves

Damaging admission: Did you know Jeff’s had one of the worst serves in college tennis his freshman year at Stanford. 

Jeff is perhaps the best student of the game I have ever met. Frustrated with his serve, knowing it was not good enough to play at the highest level of college tennis or to have chance to play professional tennis, Jeff went on his own personal serve journey.

The summer before his sophomore year at Stanford, he modeled Goran Ivanisevic and develop a 120 mph lefty serve and became a two time national champion and All-American. 

He finally unlocked the hidden SERVE POWER inside him…

Fast forward a few years and Jeff and his big serve shocked then world #2 Michael Chang for a set and a half at the 1997 US Open in front of 23,000 fans.

Then, at the age of 28 after two surgeries, Jeff met with Tennis Con 2 presenter John Yandell from Tennis to see how he could refine and optimize his serve even more.

The changes that Jeff made based on what he learned from John and from his own experimentation allowed him to break the top 100 in the world for the first time at the age of 30.

Jeff transformed his serve into one of the biggest weapons on the ATP tour  when most would have given up. 

Jeff Salzenstein  //  Tennis Evolution Former Top 100 ATP Pro        

Perfect Your Toss- Optimize Your Serve

We all know ball toss placement is tough to perfect, but necessary to achieve your optimal serve performance.

USPTA Elite Professional John Craig presents a comprehensive lesson featuring 13 key elements and several little known concepts that are sure to help you place the ball into the perfect spot every time.  

John reveals a little known secret technique called the palm side style that is the simplest and easiest way to Eliminate “The Wrist Flip” which is the leading cause of erratic tosses.

John Craig  / Owner of Performance Plus Tennis                             

Second Serve Confidence

Is it really possible to swing away WITHOUT FEAR on your second serve? 

YES, you can become more confident and hit a higher percentage of first and second serves by just making a few modifications….

“Lisa has a real talent for making the elements of the serve understandable and easier to learn”, so we hope that you are ready to get started making your second serve a weapon and not a liability!

Lisa Dodson  /  Inventor of the Serve Master          

"Guaranteed Groundies & Volleys Over 50"  
  Tues Oct 17th

Ultimate Forehand and Serve Fundamentals

The Million Dollar Question: Copying the pros is a, GOOD or BAD idea?

All depends what your looking at.

Expert stroke analyst John Yandell reveals 3 KEY Fundamentals on the Serve and the Forehand ALL pros have in common.

John has studied thousands of videos over the years. On Tuesday John cuts through all the NOISE and gets to the heart of solid fundamentals.

John Yandell  /  Tennis                                  

5 Practice Drills to Play 10 years younger

Disappointing Match Results? Most players hate the fact they play much better in practice than matches.

Jorge Capestany made a startling revelation after 63,000 hours of on court coaching.

You practice the wrong way!!!

Jorge has been lucky enough to study how the pros practice up close and had an epiphany that changed the way Jorge works with all his students. 

He now focusing on “quality touches” on the ball in all his practices. After watching this video you will NEVER practice the same way again.

Jorge Capestany  / Tennisdrills.TV        

The Rubber Band Backhand

5 Leaks Preventing Effortless Power on your One Handed Backhand

Maybe it’s your Grip?

Maybe your missing the Rubber Band Effect?

Could be your wrist position at Contact?

Tom reveals all 5 power leaks and gives you step by step fixes.

Tom Avery  / CTW Academy                                                       

Picture Perfect Volleys: How to Hit Exactly Where you want Everytime!

Volley MYTH Exposed: Ever heard that you should “turn your shoulders first on the volley”...? WRONG. 

In fact this is the single most common cause of missing “easy” volleys. (I’ll show you the 1 minute fix this Tues)

Peter Freeman  /  Owner of Tennis Con & Crunch Time Coaching    

3 Most Common Mistakes on Two & One Hand Backhand

Sergey Belov and Artiz Eceiza are taking YouTube by storm!  Sergey played junior Davis Cup for Russia and Artiz was a nationally ranked junior from Spain.

Today they teach tennis together at  Blakeney Racquet and Swim Club.

Their mission at Tennis Con 2 is to correct the 3 Biggest mistake most people make on the Backhand. 

They deliver step by step progression drills for all levels to help you turned your backhand from a liability into a weapon.

Time Value of Tennis  /  Over 7,500 YouTube Subsribers

"Clean contact on your forehand"

Online Tennis Instruction prides themselves in being a world class leader when it comes to teaching technique.

Gregg will show you how to create effortless power by hitting clean contact on the forehand. 

The BEST part about this lesson is it works for beginners as well at ITF professionals and can be done 100% on your own.

Gregg le Sueur  / Online Tennis Instruction  over 67,000 YouTube Subscribers                                  

5 Tips to Playing the Best Tennis of Your Life

Joe Dinoffer has conducted clinics and exhibitions in over 50 countries, personally logging over 30,000 hours of instruction in English, Spanish, and German. He is a Master Professional in both the USPTA and PTR, a distinction awarded to less than 10 individuals in the tennis industry.

In 1994, Joe started OnCourt OffCourt, Ltd., a company dedicated to serving the needs of tennis, fitness, and physical education coaches with innovative training aids and educational tools. Today, he has designed and manufactured more than 150 creative products being distributed and used in 100 countries worldwide.

Today he will share what he believes are the Top 5 Tips to playing the Best Tennis Of Your Life.

Joe Dinoffer / Owner of OnCourt OffCourt

How to Properly Add Modern Technique to your Groundies

These guys are incredible. Their presentation style is clear, professional, and Fun to watch.

If you ever wanted to add a modern flare to your groundstrokes this is the video tutorial for you!

Racquet Flex  / Over 7,700 Subscribers on YouTube

"Playing in the Zone Over 50"  Play matches better than your practice.

   Weds Oct. 24th 

Fearless Tennis Over 50- Closing the Gap Between Practice and Matches

What if you could play like you do in practice and FINALLY close the gap on playing the Best Tennis of Your Life?

Don’t Miss Jeff’s Fearless Tennis Presentation Weds, Oct 24th.

Jeff will reveal the secrets and pathway toward your best tennis. Ironically, the answer is NOT all in your head.

Jeff’s Fearless Tennis Training has helped him win the Men’s 40 National Hardcourt Title at 51, two World- Championships and, more importantly, has helped thousands of players develop the mental edge and win more at all levels of the game. 

Follow Jeff’s Fearless Tennis Training and start playing The Best Tennis of Your Life now.


Jeff Greenwald /  M.A., M.F.T/ Author, Renowned Sport Psychologist Two-Time World-Champion

The Peaceful Warrior- Using the Mind as a Weapon

Almost Impossible: How to NEVER lose your temper when you make a “sloppy” unforced error?

Almost sounds like a fairytale right? ...Wrong: Mindfulness is suddenly one of the

“Hottest” buzzwords in sports psychology.


Because it works…

Phil Jackson had the Chicago Bulls practicing mindfulness when the concept was completely taboo.

Today thousands of Elite Athletes across all sports use Mindfulness to find the peaceful warrior spirit.

Andy Gerst  / WTA Coach & Co-Owner of Animus                             

High Performance Mindset Skills- For the Ageless Tennis Player

Dive into the mind of a former All-American and Top 100 ATP. Jeff starts this very engaging presentation in front of 24,000 fans at the U.S. Open after he takes the first set from world #2 Michael Chang.

This presentation dives deep into the inner game of tennis and challenges you to really get to know yourself and your own game on a more personal level.

Jeff Salzenstein  /  Tennis Evolution Former Top 100 ATP Pro                 

How to Overcome Anxiety & Choking: Becoming your best self on and off the court

Kalindi Dinoffer’s passion for mindfulness meditation led her to complete several mindfulness training programs including leading mindfulness expert Jon Kabat Zin’s 8-week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course, an 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion course developed by leading mindful self-compassion experts Kristin Neff and Chris Germer and a Mindfulness Certification Training program through the Dallas Yoga Center. 

Kalindi also has her own holistic health and mindful living blog, In addition to mindfulness, her passions and areas of expertise include plant-based nutrition, restorative yoga, Reiki and Myofascial Release therapy, and she hosts monthly workshops in Dallas on mindful and holistic living. Kalindi also serves as the Marketing Director for OnCourt OffCourt and has been published nationally in Tennis Industry Magazine and Pickleball Magazine.

Kalindi Dinoffer /  OnCourt OffCourt Marketing Director  and Mindfulness & Meditation Expert                                            

True Story: Beginner at 50 to State Champ at 60!

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THIS: Everyone studies how the Greatest Professional athletes compete...but no studies the overachievers at the Recreational Level.

I’m glad I did because...MIND Blown!!!

Jim Mussell shares his step by step blueprint for picking up a racket at age 50 and becoming the state champ of Texas at age 60.

Jim Mussel  / Former #1 Ranked 60 Year Old Player in Texas                     

Encore Performance: Champion for Life 

Nick is in the Tennis Hall of Fame.He has participated in the development of many leading players, including Andre AgassiJim CourierMonica Seles, and Mary Pierce. He has also worked with Maria SharapovaDaniela HantuchováJelena JankovićNicole VaidišováSabine LisickiSara ErraniTommy HaasMax MirnyiXavier MalisseVenus WilliamsSerena WilliamsMartina HingisAnna KournikovaMarcelo RíosKei Nishikori, and coached Boris Becker for two years.

Nick Bollettieri  / IMG Tennis Academy former Coach of Andre Agassi

"Ultimate Battle Plans" Where to be, where to Hit, and How to Win!          Thurs Oct 25th

Singles & Doubles Playbook Over 50

BETTER THAN A WINNER. The single easiest way to end a point in doubles or singles at the “rec” level… but almost no one talks about this.

{Hint: It’s NOT winners or unforced errors}

Find the answer and how you can use this hidden stat to your advantage. Mark your calendar Thurs Oct 25th.

Will Hamilton /  Owner of Fuzzy Yellow Balls. Over 60 Million Views on YouTube

Gigi Method Tips: Five Doubles Tactics to help you play like you are 10 years Younger

Afraid to come to the net?

What if I told you there’s a simple way to return serve in doubles that almost always goes in… 

AND gives you enough time to get to net no matter how slow you think you are?

Gigi Fernandez /  17 Grand Slam Champion & Creator of "The Gi Gi Method"  

WTRS: What's the Right Shot in the Wrong Spot?

WARNING: You are doomed if you get stuck in no man’s land Right? ...WRONG.

9 Time Gold Ball National Champion Brent Abel shows the Right shots when you wander off in the Wrong Place.

This is MUST SEE TV for all your players who get lost out there on the tennis court. Pencil some time in for Brent on Thurs morning Oct 25th.

Brent Abel  /  Owner of & Winner of 11 National Gold Ball Titles 

Singles Domination Over 50

Caution: Be very careful coming to net off short balls in zone 3.

Picking the wrong targets, spins, or pace of shot could be the difference between easy put away volleys or getting lite up like a Christmas tree.

{Learn how to Dominate every area of the Singles Court on Thurs Oct 25th with Ian}

Ian Westermann  /  Essential Tennis Over 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube    

7 Tips to Always be the Stand Out Player on the Doubles Court

Are you the guy or lady everyone wants to play Doubles with?

Author of Senior Tennis, George Wachtel always stands out on the tennis court. I have watched him play and he is in total control on the tennis court.

If you want your phone to ring off the hook with partner request learn George’s 7 Commandments to Doubles Success.

George Watchtel /  Author of Senior Tennis                                

Matt's Stats: 3 Lessons I Learned from the Pro Game for Your Game!

Smarter than a Super Computer?

At this year's Australian Open Matt Created a Mathematical Formula to predict match outcomes at Major Tennis Events.

Turns out his formula was MORE accurate at predicting match outcomes than a Super Computer.

On Thurs Matt will reveal 3 Lessons he has learned from the Pro Game to Help your Game!

Matt's Stats /  Coffee Break Tennis "Fastest Growing Tennis Talk Show on the Internet"

"Faster, Fitter, & Injury Free Over 50"                Friday Oct. 26th

How to React and Recovery Faster on and Off the Court

Plyometric exercises are a BAD idea for players over 50 RIGHT? Most people say yes and ease off the weights and jump training.

That’s wrong…. backing off weights and plyo make you weaker and more vulnerable to injuries.

Now like anything in life, there is a RIGHT WAY and WRONG WAY for you to train.

Join Dr. Mark Kovacs Friday. You will learn how to react faster on the court and recover faster off the court.

Dr. Mark Kovacs / Owner of Kovacs Institute and ITPA

How to Come Back from injury Stronger and Faster!

Steve Contardi is the creator of Tennis Fantasies Week at Newcombe Ranch. Steve is 73 years old and plays with 100% intensity 5 times a week.

Being a former college football player Steve has come back from every injury imaginable.

Recently he has just come back from double knee replacement surgery and was back hitting at full speed within 6 weeks.

If you are a banged up tennis player and fear your best days are behind you, then you need to watch Steve's presentation.

Steve Contardi / Owner of Tennis Fantasies and Harper's Point Racket Club

The Perfect Daily Workout Routine 

Bruce Connor is a teaching professional who still loves to hit and play after 25 years in the business.

That is NOT normal.

Bruce will take you through his Perfect Daily Workout Routine that will keep you fit, flexible, and fast!

Bruce Connor  /  Teaching Professional Club at Harper's Point

Encore Presentation: Better with Age: How to be Faster and Fitter than Everyone Your Age

If you missed this last year or have not seen in a while it is a must watch. George has truly mastered the art of staying and playing young.

George Wachtel  /  Senior Tennis and Fitness

The Top 10 Best Lessons of Tennis Summit 2018

Mehrban is just an AWESOME guy and runs a fantastic event called the Tennis Summit in the early spring. 

He also has the BEST coaches in the world to deliver high quality content.

Mehrban was nice enough to share with you his 10 best interview lessons with you.

Featured in these interviews are:

  • Mark Kovacs- Serve Technique
  • Craig O'shannessy- Statistic Based Strategies
  • David Bailey- Footwork Patterns
  • Dr. Neeru Jayanthi- Injury Prevention
  • Kevin Garlington- One Handed Backhand
  • Gigi Fernandez- 3 Doubles Strategy
  • Paul Annacone- Lessons From the Legends
  • Peter Freeman- 6 Big Money Plays Off the Slice Serve
  • Jeff Rothchild- Nutrition
  • Jeff Greenwald- Awaken Your Inner Coach

This video is 1:02 minutes long and filled with one GOLDEN NUGGET Tips after the next!!!

We are ending Tennis Con 2 with some real fireworks

Thanks again Mehrban for your generosity!!!!

Mehrban Iranshad  //  Owner of The Tennis Summit and

Your Most Burning Desire Questions Answered by the BEST Coaches on the Planet!

How Can I Play Better with Age?

Question: How do I recapture the game I had 10 years ago, play giving up 10 or 15 years to opponents or find more 60 year olds to play?

Answer: Tennis Con was made for this very reason.  Our expert coaches were asked this very question. How can we help players over 50 play 10 years younger, 10 years faster, and 10 lbs lighter? 

Question: Can you give singles tactics for 75 year old 4.0 male?

Answer: Make sure to check out Battle Plans Over 50 on Thurs. Will Hamilton will teach you how to defend against trench Warfare, and Brent Abel will show you the Right shot in the Wrong Place. Ian Westermann will not only teach you to win on the singles court but how to "dominate" it!

Question: How do I combat aging and loss of power?

Answer:  Join the Tennis Con 30 Day "No Man Left Behind Challenge". The secret to winning the Battle is about Quality Over Quantity. Working smarter Not Harder. Study after Study shows exercise as the best anti-aging remedy. We have entered the Golden Age for older athletes. Everywhere you look they are competing and winning. Now it's your turn!

Can I Play Improve My Technique at My Age?

Question: Could you show me a step by step coordination for the serve? I want to exceed 200km/h on 1st serve.

Answer: Watch our Kick Ass Serving Over 50 tutorials on Monday Oct 22nd. Sounds brash but that is what you want right? You want fence crushing aces, pin point accuracy, a REAL second serve. The Serve is the most dominate shot in tennis and could be the X factor to totally Kick Ass in your next match!

Question: Is it too late to make significant technical improvements as a fit and athletic rec player at 50 years of age? 

Answer: Too late? NEVER too Late and it's also important. A plethora of scientific studies over the years shows that a healthy mix of both physical and intellectual activity as we age helps us maintain our overall well-being. We can preserve a healthy body and a healthy mind, delaying, mitigating or even eliminating the onsets of physical injuries, plus ailments like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And the BEST News...Improving your Technique is NOT as hard as you think. Join us Tues for Guaranteed Groundies and Volleys.

Question: I was taught to play tennis in the 80s. Big take backs and long strokes. Turning my body sideways and following through the ball. It’s deep in my programming. I shorten my stroke for a service return on a fast serve? It’s a mystery to me.

Answer: Join our 30 Day "No Man Left Behind Challenge".

I am obsessed with your success. The Tennis Con 2 Videos will lay the foundation for change. Putting in the daily work with me will be the Engine that drives your success. I am going to repeatedly go over in and every lesson delivered in Tennis Con 1 and 2 to ensure you get the most out of this year's experience! 

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How do I Improve my Inner Game of Tennis?

Question:  How do I stay relaxed in pressure situations? I want hit out on the ball like I do in practice.

Answer: Great how would you like to play Fearless Tennis? Jeff Greenwald was frustrated with his performance as a modestly ranked professional tennis player in his twenties, Jeff went on to earn Master’s Degrees in clinical and sport psychology. During this process, he discovered the fundamental principles of athletic performance that propelled him from a moderately successful tennis player to No. 1 in the world in his age group with two ITF world titles.

Today Jeff helps 1000's of athletes realize their full potential. Jeff consults with numerous ranked juniors, pros and college athletes in all sports.

Question: What do the pros think about between points to ensure they stay focused like a laser? Do their thoughts remain consistent or change based on score, patterns of play, strengths and weaknesses on a given day, ect

Answer: Great question! How about I bring in Former Top 100 Pro and Peak Performance coach Jeff Salzenstein to answer that?

On Weds Oct 24th Jeff's topic is High Performance Mindset Skills- For the Ageless Tennis Player. Jeff is one of the Best Student's of the game I have ever run across. He was the oldest American to break the top 100 for the first time after age 30! He can tell you what it is like to play against Michael Chang at the US Open in front of 23,000 roaring fans. So he knows exactly what the pros think about to stay laser focused!

Question: How does one get into the "zone" on a regular basis and stay their throughout the duration of a match?

Answer: You must watch every tutorial on Weds Oct 24th. "Playing in the Zone Over Age 50" is our theme and we have amazing presentations.

  • Jeff Greenwald's Fearless Tennis
  • Jeff Salzenstein's High Performance Mindset Skill- For the Ageless Tennis Player.
  • Jim Mussel's Beginner at 50 State Champ by 60
  • Andy Gerst's Peaceful Warrior: Using the Mind as a Weapon
  • Kalinda Dinoffer's How to Overcome Choking and Anxiety: Living your Best Life on an Off the Court

We dedicated a full day to this topic because we had SO many request just like the question above.

The missing link for so many players is How can I play a match the way I know I am capable of?

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Legends Live: Bonus Footage From Newk's Ranch

Lesson of the Day

8:00 to 8:20

The Legendary Live Lesson of the Day - Join us Live in the morning for a Live Lesson with the Legends. Every Morning at 8 am the campers get a unique on court lesson presentation from the legends.

The topics range anywhere from learning how to poach, how to return serve better in doubles, to how to play better doubles with your partner.

Campers love this benefit and it’s one of the reason they pay $5000 to attend and come back year after year!  NEW THIS YEAR-  Because these lessons are so valuable we will also have multiple cameras on court to shoot a second video which we will professionally edit and release later in the day!

Legends Lesson Topics Most Likely will Include:

  • Doubles Court Position
  • The Exact Moment to Poach
  • Legendary Volley Technique
  • How to NEVER miss a Return (Roy Emerson)
  • Doubles and Singles Tactics

Interviews & Obsession Confessions

9:00 to 5:00

Daily Interviews and Obsession Confessions- Not only will be interviewing some of the greatest Legends of the Game at Newk's Ranch, we are also going to interview the competitors at Tennis Fantasy week.

Just like you these guys are Obsessed with tennis. Many return to Tennis Fantasy week every year.

The majority of players are OVER 50 and have great insight on what it's like to keep competing year after year.

Interview Topics will include:

  • Favorite Singles Strategies
  • Best Doubles Plays
  • Quickly Getting Over Losses
  • How to stay competitive every year.
  • Avoiding Injuries
  • Playing Injuries
  • Best Ways to Recover from Injury
  • Obsession Confession {Basically what is the most embarrassing thing you have done on or off the court that proves you are NOT normal and totally obsessed with tennis!

Match Coverage 3.5 to 5.5 Skill Level

9:00 to 4 pm

Match Coverage 3.5 to 5.5 Skill Level

A unique opportunity to truly find out what is working today at your level. 

Tennis Fantasy Week has Over a 100 matches take place a day.

We Film and Analyze the Following Types of Matches:

  • 5.0 Plus Level Matches (Singles and Doubles)
  • 4.5 Level Matches (Singles and Doubles)
  • 3.5 Level Matches (Singles and Doubles)
  • 50 to 60 Year Old Matches
  • 60 to 70 Year Old Matches
  • 70 to 80 Year Old Matches

Pro Am Match of the Day

3:30 to 5pm

Legends Show Court Match of the Day 

We will have the Legends Show Court Match of the Day Watch the Legends Match of the Day and hear my point by point breakdown in the best Pro Am tennis you will see anywhere.

Featured players are Mark Woodforde, Rick Leach, Murphy Jensen, and Luke Jensen!

All these boys can still ball! I got to play one year and it was one of the most enjoyable and best learning experiences I have ever had as a player!

Step 1: Open a New World of Possibilities!

Over 30 World Renowned Experts share their secret battle plans to help you play 10 Years Younger, Cover More Court without being faster, and Read Your Opponents Like a book so you can defeat the "Ultimate Enemy" Father Time!


Because it is the First and Only Online coaching event Dedicated100% to Players OVER 50!

Get the right information about what's working today with successful Tennis Players over 50 so you can transform your tennis skills and WIN MORE MATCHES.

Someone has to WIN the Club Champion. Why can't it be YOU? 

If you are a Tennis Player over 50 this is the Single Most Important tennis event of the year. Our coaches are the BEST in the world and this the First and Only Event 100% Focused only players over 50!



Let me break this down for you in simple terms. You could either...

Spend thousands of dollars on a hotel, airfare, and conference, stressed as you rush to make every keynote, workshop, and, lost in a sea of faces…NOT TO MENTION most names on the list are completely unavailable for personal coaching or would charge you anywhere from $500 for $2000 for an hour of their time.

Kick back and relax from the comfort of your computer without spending a dime on travel. We are bringing the BEST COACHES in the world right into your living room all week long!

You can’t find this content anywhere.

DO YOU WANT TO WIN the Battle Against Father Time?


What is Tennis Con?

Who Should attend Tennis Con?

Do I have to Travel to Tennis Con?

When Can I watch the Tennis Con Interviews?


Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman is a USPTA Elite Professional.

His YouTube Channel has been voted Top 10 in the world by

Pete was a state champ and top 100 nationally ranked junior growing up, and played #1 at American University in DC.

He is the Head Tennis Coach for Midwest Sports where he delivers his Tuesday INSTA Tip every week.

And Pete has been able to work with some of the

Biggest Legends in Tennis:

  • Rod Laver 
  • Fred Stolle
  • John Newcombe
  • Roy Emerson
  • Murphy Jensen
  • Rick Leach
  • Brian Gottfried
  • Tony Palofox
  • Frank Brennan 

But who he enjoys working the most with is YOU!

Tennis players that share his passion for the game and have a burning desire to improve.

Pete truly believes you are one magic tip away from cracking the code and having a tennis break through.

Matt Bradshaw

Has the Fastest Growing Tennis Talk show on YouTube called Coffee Break Tennis.

Every week thousands of loyal listeners tune in to hear what the Original FED head has to say about the state of professional tennis.

During this years Wimbledon and US Open tournaments his show had over 400,000 hits in YouTube.

Matt has also joined the Crunch Time Coaching instructional team and making videos with Pete!


GET ACCESS to Over 30 Hours of Instruction and start Winning against the "Ultimate Enemy" Time...Turn back the Clock Now

Get Your Free Ticket to Tennis Con Plus Free Bonus Instruction Videos From Tennis Legends Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, and John Newcombe

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