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Monday Oct 19th

"Serve Big and Get More Free Points"

Power when you want it and placement where you need it!

Kick Bigger - Discover the easy and effortless way to hit big time kick serves at will.  

Former Top 100 ATP Pro and USTA High Performance coach Jeff Salzenstein will share his secrets to hitting a Bigger and Better kick serve.

Most people struggle their whole life to develop a kick serve that has any REAL bounce and bite.

Jeff revealed on a recent live stream with me that he is revealing NEW tricks and tips in his Tennis Con 4 Kick Serve Lesson he has discovered that has not been shared anywhere else.

So make sure to Tune in on Monday Oct 19th to get a front row seat to this EXCLUSIVE lesson and if you want to review it OVER and OVER again make sure to get yourself a lifetime access pass!

Jeff Salzentein / Owner of Tennis Evolution, Former Top 100 ATP Pro, and USTA High Performance Coach 

Serve Bigger and Faster- 5 Drills to increase serve velocity 

USPTA Elite Professional and owner of Two Minute Tennis Tips Ryan Riedy is going to show you 5 simple and effective drills for you to increase your serve speed.

This lesson is for tennis players who have struggled for years to add that extra 5 to 15 miles to their serves that can be the difference between getting your serve picked on to getting FREE points and EASY holds!

Ryan’s lesson is extremely creative, easy to implement, and quite entertaining.

Tune in Monday to watch:

  • The Power Coil Drill
  • The CorkScrew Explosion Exercise
  • The Simple Fix to the #1 Velocity Killer with Birthday Hat trick
  • The reactive break drill which unlocks the secret to massive racket head acceleration
  • Pronate like the Pros with Power Edge Progression

You will love this lesson and want to immediately run out to the court after viewing!

Ryan Reidy / USPTA Elite Professional and owner of Two Minute Tennis Tips

Clutch Serving- How to make BIG serves when it matters most!

The two worst feelings on a tennis court is when you give points away with double faults or resort to just bunting in weak serves begging to be pulverized.

If your serve has ever crumbled under the pressure you don’t want to miss the enlightening lesson with Tomaz Menzinger of FEEL TENNIS.

Tomaz brings logic and feel into every tennis lesson.

Everything he says makes perfect sense to help make things fall into place easier on a tennis court. In his Clutch Serving lesson you will learn how to serve BIG in the pressure moments of a match,

  • Tomaz with help you pick the BEST serve targets and visualize the trajectory of the serve
  • You will discover what type of serve is Best for you when serving under pressure
  • You will learn how to take the FEAR out of missing serves and replace the fear with thoughts that help you execute a free confident swing with relaxed acceleration.

If you are sick and tired of your serve letting you down you don’t want to miss it!

Tomaz Menzinger / Owner of Feel Tennis, Over 169,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Big Power Serve Secrets

USPTA ELITE Pro Jordan Coons shares his step by step secrets of how he took his serve from 95 mph all the way up to 115 mph.

The serve habits you develop either add or take away valuable MPH’s on your serve.

Jordan shows you how even a simple FIX to your toss motion can add 3 to 5 mph to your serve.

In this presentation Jordan gives you his TOP 5 Power Secret Tips and shows you his #1 drill that you can use to develop more speed on your serve in the next 30 days.

Jordan Coons  / USPTA Elite Pro and Founder of Tennis Beyond

The Big Science behind Powerful Serves

Big serves don’t happen by accident, there is a science behind it, especially if you want consistent and predictable power. 

Now one breaks the science behind hitting BIG shots than Racquet Flex.

This video is amazing!

It will share the keys to hitting the NEXT Gen forehands and backhands that is taking the POWER GAME in tennis to a whole NEW LEVEL!

Daytri / Co-Owner of Racquet Flex with over 35,000 subscribers on YouTube

5 Tips to Develop Commanding Control of your Serve

One of the Biggest and Best servers on the internet today is Brady Hiete of Daily Tennis Lesson. 

At Tennis Con 4 he is going to share 5 Tips on How to Improve your control and consistency on the serve.

Big serves mean nothing if the ball is NOT landing in the service box.

We all know Power is super important but if you can’t control the ball around the service box your serve becomes too predictable NO matter how fast it is going.

Good players get used to pace if it always hits the same spot.

But really good servers can literally take the racket out of their opponents hands if they can master the art of placement

Brady Hiete / Owner of Daily Tennis Lesson with over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube     

Encore Presentation: Breaking Bad Slice Serve Habits

Stop Hitting Powder Puff Slice Serves: My Slice Serve Video Lessons have over 1 million views on the web and is my secret weapon! 

When you possess a Slice Serve that has massive curve with the right amount of power you will have the opponent eating out of your hand.

You will start to hit Aces, Get Free Points, and Easily run Serve Plus 1 plays.

But when you have a "Helicopter" slice serve the opposite happens.

Your ball floats over the net with no pace and hits the ground with very little spin.

The good news for you is I know exactly what your are doing wrong after helping countless players around the globe.

I have a very simple 5 Step Progression that will eliminate your "Helicopter" slice serve in 30 days or less.

Peter Freeman / Owner of Tennis Con & Crunch Time Coaching

Tennis Express Bonus Equipment Session

Tuesday Oct 20th

"Hit Big with Better Technique”

How to Become a Big Aggressive Baseliner Everyone Fears

3 Keys to Playing Aggressive but consistent tennis

In this video you will learn how to become a more consistent but aggressive baseliner.

  1. The first part of the lesson you will get drills on how to build consistency.
  2. Next you will learn how to build points using higher percentage patterns of play.
  3. Finally, learn how to take time away from your opponent by taking the ball on rise, reducing risk on your side, and increasing the risk of unforced errors from your opponent.

Alex and Simon / Top Tennis Training over 220,000 Subscribers on YouTube

How to build a Professional Slice Backhand in 30 Days or Less

Does your slice float through the air?

Does your slice sit up with NO pace?

Do opponents poach on you every time they see you return with a slice backhand?

Don’t worry you are NOT alone.

These are all common traits of an average amateur slice backhand.

That is why you are lucky to have USPTA Elite Teaching Pros John Craig teach you how to hit a Professional Slick Backhand in 30 days or less.

What do professional slice backhands look like?

  • Professional Slice Backhands move smoothly through the air and stay low crossing the net
  • Professional Slice Backhands slide across the court and skid quickly off the court
  • Professional Slice Backhands stay below your opponents knees forcing them to hit up which sets up easy winners for you and your doubles partner

Tune on Tues Oct 20th to get a step by step system to develop a Professional Slice in 30 days.

Lesson complete with instruction, demonstrations, and step by step drills anyone can do.

John Craig / Owner of Performance Plus Tennis with Over 8,000 subscribers on YouTube

Big Power Using Massive Rotation- Transforming your old school forehand

Ellis Ferriera was one of the BEST doubles players in the world in the late nineties.

He had a MASSIVE Forehand but he said one thing held him back from being a TOP singles player.


He said his NEW modern forehand is MUCH better today at age 50 than his forehand on the tour.

In this EYE opening lesson and demonstration Ellis works with John and shows you how to get Massive body rotation into the ball which will create Massive Topspin and MAX Power!

  • Transform your old school forehand to the New Generation forehand
  • Develop more consistency without losing power
  • Create more shot variety with using angles and hitting through the 3 windows that were NOT possible with the outdated forehand technique

Tune on Tues Oct 20th to trade in your old school forehand to the NEW Next Gen Forehand. 

John Eagleton and Ellis Ferriera   - Sports Ed TV Learn Any Sport Anywhere Anytime

Encore: Power and Flow on the 2 Handed Backhand

Can't get power on the 2 hander if your tight, right? Wrong!

Steven will teach you how to hit through your backhand even if you get tight!

1. Finally eliminate over spinny backhands with no power.

2. Create a symphony of smoothness with your left hand and right hand to create effortless power.

3. Tune in Tues to find out why hitting the ball too far out in front is a bad thing!

Steven Chung / 5 Points of Tennis, Over 18,000 subscribers on YouTube 

Big Heavy Groundstrokes

How would you like to push and bully your opponent off the court just like Rafa Nadal.

Nadal clearly explains that is his essential game plan to winning every tennis match he plays.

Nadal’s Winning Blueprint.

  • Step 1: Push opponent back off the court with Heavy Spin
  • Step 2: Take aggressive court position on the baseline
  • Step 3: Wait for weak short replies and finish points

Scott and Nate from Play Your Court are going to show you step by step how to create heavy topspin so you can be the Rafa Nadal at your local courts.

Scott Baxter and Nate Bolling - Play Your Court

Bigger and Better Returns

Let’s face it in tennis the return of serve is HUGE!

Tennis has one BIG problem when it comes to return of serves.

Not many people know how to teach it and not enough players practice it. 

Well Ashley Neaves The Tennis Mentor is going to change all that with his BRILLIANT return lesson at Tennis Con 4. 

This Lesson Reveals a 6 Point Check-List to Hitting Bigger and Better Returns

  • The Big difference between a Return and a Normal groundstroke
  • How to pressure your opponent’s serve DEEP Powerful returns
  • How to find your IDEAL return position based of your opponent’s serve power

Ashley is a HOT new coach on YouTube that is ON the Rise so don’t miss him at Tennis Con 4 

Ashley Neaves - Owner of The Tennis Mentor

The Perfect Drop Shot

A secret weapon all great players seem to have is an amazing drop shot!

Think about it, what do Rafa, Novak, and Roger all have in common?

Amazing drop shots!!!! As the game gets FASTER and MORE powerful with BETTER defending skills the pros need that X factor that catches their opponent off guard.


Gregg Le Sueur at Online Tennis Instruction has created “The Perfect Drop Shot” lesson so you can deploy this as a secret weapon in your next BIG match!

In this lesson you will discover:

  • How to develop soft hands to play touch shots in all areas of the court
  • The cut vs. absorb drop shot
  • How to disguise your drop shot like the pros

Tune in Tues to become a touch master.

Gregg Le Sueur - Online Tennis Instruction Over 87,000 subscribers on YouTube

Hit Big Forehands- How to maximize forehand velocity to hit with effortless power

Ready to Hammer Your Forehands with effortless power?

Don't miss Daniel Dodson's presentation!

  • Learn his Hammer Technique to crushing forehands.
  • Find out the #1 mistake rec players make that hold them back from hitting BIG Consistent forehands
  • Get drills you can do on your own to transform your forehand
  • More Efficient and Faster way to create power

Daniel Dodson  / Hammer it Tennis Over 6,000 YouTube Subscribers

The Big Approach- Know When and How to Attack the Net

Are you tired of MISSING approach shots?

Do you get easily passed or lobbed everytime you come to the net?

If so don't miss Italian Coach Marco Magro as he reveals the #1 reason tennis players are getting passed and lobbed.

And will explain to you when and how to attack the net.

If you are looking to end points earlier you will enjoy this presentation.

  • Stop getting passed and lobbed everytime you come to net
  • Come in on at the right time with the right ball
  • Use proper technique and establish winning net position

Marco Magro-  Giocare a Tennis

Mastering Low Volleys

If you play doubles you need to attend this online lesson with Davor Dekaris of Tennis Haus. 

He is going to teach you 3 Drills you can do on your own to improve your LOW Volley

After watching this presentation you will:

  • Stop popping up low volleys to the NET man
  • Be able to hit deep penetrating volleys to the back of the baseline
  • More difficult to read shot selection

Start improving your doubles skills at Tennis Con 4!

Davor Dekaris  - Owner of Tennis Haus Over 43.5 k followers on Instagram

How to hit Big Offensive Lobs

One of the Big reasons people feared coming to the net on Andre Agassi was his amazing topspin lob.

Besides being able to light you up with passing shots Andre could make your knees buckle with a perfectly disguised topspin lob.

The topspin lob is an amazing weapon to have for BOTH singles and doubles players.

Mehraban Iranshad of the Tennis Files is going to teach you his 5.0 topspin lob.

In this Tennis Con 4 lesson you will:

  • How to make your topspin lob look just like your passing shot so your opponent’s don’t know what hit them
  • How to easily add more RPM to your topspin lobs so your ball moves faster through the air and stays in
  • The one drill you need to practice to master the topspin lob in 30 days or less.

Use this secret weapon on the singles or doubles court to collect EASY points!

Mehrban Iranshad  - Owner of the Tennis Files Podcast and the Tennis Summit

The Big Attack! 5 Drills to Dominate the midcourt to hit Big Winners and Approach Shots

If you are below a 4.5 playing level than MOST likely you struggle to put away Easy sitters in the mid-court.

This is partly because of technical flaws but also because you don’t practice this shot enough.

My Tennis HQ has put together 5 awesome drills that ATP and WTA pros use all the time to keep their short ball skills on point!

Karue just is a hitting partner to many professional players, in fact he was the hitting partner of Naomi Osaka during the US Open.

These 5 drills will help you:

  • See the short ball FASTER
  • Develop the proper backswing to crush short balls
  • Use the BEST footwork patterns depending on the height and speed of the incoming ball

Watch this Tennis Con 4 lessons and start cleaning up in the mid-court.

Gui and Karue  - Owners of My Tennis HQ hitting partner to the Pros

Encore Presentation One Handed Backhand Secrets

Is your one hander letting you down? Do you wish you could come over the ball with effortless power and spin? 

Gaston is going to share his one handed backhand secrets for:

  • Hitting felt ripping topspin backhands like Dominic Thiem
  • Driving down the line winners like Federer
  • The secret to hitting consistent topspin backhands without having to revert to the slice.

Tune in Tues. to weaponize your one handed backhand

Gaston Raposo / Connecting Tennis Over 14.8 k Subsribers on YouTube

Tennis Express Bonus Equipment Session

Wednesday Oct 21st

“Play Big...Win More Matches with Smart Strategy”

Smart Power with Kevin O’Neil coach of rising WTA star Caty Mcnally

The pros are hitting Bigger and Bigger shots every year.

Power is at a premium on the tour today but you gotta know the right time to put your foot on the gas!

If you go for too much too soon or pull the trigger on the wrong shot you will most likely be an easy opponent to defeat.

Kevin O’neil / Personal Coach of WTA Pro Caty McNally 

The Right Stuff- How to beat other righties and lefties by exploiting their weaknesses

Many right handed players feel that lefties have an unfair advantage on the tennis court.

But Ian Westermann of Essential Tennis is going to spill the tea on How to Beat Lefties as a right hander.

In this special Tennis Con 4 presentation you will learn:

  • How to flip the court on a lefty to set up rally patterns lefties hate
  • The one serve all right handers should master to dominate matches
  • How to Beat other righties by staying one move ahead of your opponent

If you are a righty and want to WIN more singles matches don’t miss Ian’s presentation on Weds Oct 20th

Ian Westermann  - Owner of Essential Tennis, Over 220,000 subscribers on YouTube

Will Hamilton’s Biggest Doubles Plays from his world famous Doubles Playbook

When it comes to doubles strategy Will Hamilton of Fuzzy Yellow Balls has the Ultimate Doubles Playbook.

His playbook is filled with winning strategies run by the BEST doubles players of all time:

  • The Bryan Bros
  • Gigi Fernandez
  • Martina Navratilova

In our Exclusive interview lesson, Will Hamilton reveals the “Biggest Plays” from the Doubles Playbook designed to help you play a MORE offensive brand of doubles!

Will Hamilton  - Owner of Fuzzy Yellow Balls and creator of the Singles and Doubles Playbook

Mixed Doubles Mastery: How to play mixed doubles in perfect harmony

Mixed doubles presents its own unique set of challenges, especially if you play with your significant other.

That is why I brought in 6 time Mixed Gold Ball Champions Brent and Mai Abel. 

In this session you will learn the do’s and don'ts of Mixed Doubles

  • Find out the #1 mistakes most Men make in mixed doubles
  • Find out the #1 mistake most Women make in mixed doubles
  • Learn winning plays and formations that work particularly well in Mixed Doubles

Tune in to watch this “Power Couple” reveal their secrets to mixed doubles success

Brent and Mai Abel   - Winners of 6 Mixed Doubles Gold Balls and Web Tennis

The Big Win with Gigi Fernandez: How to beat players who are Bigger and Stronger than you

Gigi Fernandez never felt over matched on the tennis court.

She said regardless of her opponent’s size or strengths she could always find a weakness that turned the match in her favor.

Her ability to problem solve helped her Win 17 Grand Slam Titles in doubles and a career high singles rank of 17 in the world.

Gigi reveals:

  • How to find and exploit anyone’s weakness
  • How to beat players with MORE power than you
  • How and when to change to plan B when your main strategy is NOT working

If you want to pull off some big upsets next year tune in Weds with Hall of Famer Gigi Fernandez

Gigi Fernandez   - 17 Grand Slam Champion and creator of the Gigi Method

Lefty Secrets- How to become a certified left assassin that everyone hates to play

Do lefties have an unfair advantage on the tennis court?


All lefties need to tune into Tina Samura’s lesson to find out:

  • How to hit the “dead slice” to set up EASY passing shots
  • Use your creative side to develop crazy angles, drop shots, and heavy spins
  • Learn how to drive righties NUTS swearing off lefty opponents Forever!!!

Tina won NCAA National Team Championships and was the #1 ranked NCAA doubles team for the University of Georgia in 1995.

Tina went on to coach Division 1 women’s college tennis for 11 years.

Tina Samara   - Owner and founder of Transition Coach 4 Athletes

Doubles Volley Tips for Different Surfaces

The correct volley to hit often depends on the surface you are playing on.

Not many doubles player know this better than Ellis Ferierra of Sports Ed TV who won the Australian Open in 2000, reached the quarters of the French, Semis of Wimbledon, and Finals of the US Open!

Plus has wins over legendary teams like the Bryan Bros and the Woodies!!!!

In this lesson you will get a step by step tutorial on how to PICK the perfect volley for each surface and how to technically execute the shot correctly.

  • Find out the BEST volley to play on the clay
  • Discover how to USE your opponent’s pace against them on grass and fast hard courts
  • Use the NOTHING volley to Finish Points close to the net

If you play in a doubles league that has matches on clay and hard court you don’t want to miss this lesson!

John Eagleton and Ellis Ferriera   - Sports Ed TV Learn Any Sport Anywhere Anytime

Big Poaching with USPTA Master Pro

Most doubles players wish they were BETTER at poaching.

They are often confused and don’t know the right time to go across the middle.

USPTA Master Pro will teach you How to be a “Poach Monster” at Tennis Con 4.

  • Discover the BEST time to poach and when to stay home
  • Pick up tells from your opponent when they are about to hit weak balls across the middle
  • Get to the middle Faster and Easier than ever regardless of age or skill level

Pat Whitworth   - USPTA Master Pro and Director of Tennis at River Club

Big Numbers That Matter

Big data matters!

More and more pros are hiring statisticians to break down matches and deliver them the MOST important numbers that WIN matches on the tour.

This helps them formulate game plans and know what plays to RUN on the MOST important points of the match.

One of my favorite people to listen to that breaks down the pro game is my friend Matt Bradshaw from Coffee Break Tennis.

He will share what’s working NOW in the pro game and tell you the MOST important numbers you should pay attention to when you watch pro tennis so you can use it to get more BIG wins in your matches.

Matt Bradshaw  - Creator and Host of Coffee Break Tennis Over 11,000 YouTube Subscribers

The Grinder Blueprint- How to Be the Best counter puncher at your club

What do Andy Murray, David Ferrier, and Angela Kerber all have in common?

They are all GRINDERS!!

Those players who fight and work their way to WINNING.

And if you ask me the talent that counter punchers possess is WAY underrated.

These players are amazing at absorbing pace, mentally tough, and brilliant strategists slowly picking their opponents apart.

If you lack fire power and are a born fighter this is the session for you!

Daniel Dodson  - Owner of Hammer it Tennis with over 6k subscribers on YouTube

Modern Tennis Strategy with Sports Ed TV 

Go watch a match on YouTube from the 80’s or 90’s between some of our favorite players from the past like Agassi, Sampras, Connors, Steffi, Martina, Becker, Hingis, and Edberg.

Clearly the game has changed.

Former ATP Pros John Eagleton and Ellis Ferreira break down Modern Tennis Strategy.

  • Understand why First Strike tennis does NOT mean going for a winner
  • Learn how to Attack the court through all 3 Hitting Windows
  • Find out the 3 Ways you LOSE control of the point in the Modern Game

If you want to shorten the points a play a NEW Brand of Modern Tennis Tune in Weds to Ellis and John!

John Eagleton and Ellis Ferriera   - Sports Ed TV Learn Any Sport Anywhere Anytime

“Winning Big Points”

If you’re tired of your opponents patronizing you after your matches… telling you “Oh, it was a close, tight match… and you played so well”

While they're thinking to themselves… smiling smugly... “Of course I won… I’m a much better player than you”.

Then this presentation is for you.

Mark Jeffery and Ramon Osa will show you how to finally win those 2 or 3 critical points per set that will finally allow you to beat the people that always beat you.

You’ll also discover:

- The 20% of skills you should spend 100% of your practice time on, if winning is what you’re after.
- How to simulate pressure in your practice sessions, so you naturally rise to the occasion when you need it most.
- The two most important shots in tennis… that are rarely practiced.

If you to WIN close matches this is the session for you!

Mark Jeffery and Ramon Osa - Over 14 k subscribers on YouTube

Tennis Express Bonus Equipment Session

Thursday Oct 22nd

“Think Big and Play Better Under Pressure"

The Zen Warrior: How to Dominate in the Biggest Moments of the Match 

How would you like to play fearless tennis?

How would you like your body and mind to work in PERFECT harmony on the tennis court?

JEFF H. GREENWALD has been helping all athletes replace their fearful mindset with one of mastery. Jeff has a way of teaching that is both inspirational and highly practical.

Are you?

  • Having difficulty transitioning your skills from practice to tournaments?
  • Allowing emotion to dominant your mind and game
  • Focusing too heavily on results and lacking confidence in general

Tune in Thursday to Tennis Con 4, Jeff will help you master your mind and achieve your potential.

Jeff Greenwald - M.A., M.F.T/ Author, Renowned Sport Psychologist Two-Time World-Champion

Building Big Minds that can go anywhere and accomplish anything

Rick Macci is responsible for developing legendary talent such as:

  • Serena and Venus Willams
  • Andy Roddick
  • Jenifer Capriti
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Sofia Kenin

If you know anything about Rick, you know he BELIEVES in going BIG!!!

He lives it everyday and instills it in ALL his players.

Rick has played a vital role in producing 75 Grand Slam titles.

This is a coaching legend you don’t want to MISS his presentation that goes beyond the tennis court.

Rick’s presentation will help achieve greatness on and off the court!

Rick Macci - USPTA Hall of Fame coach who has developed some of the BEST Players in the history of tennis!

10 Big Ideas to Develop Mental Toughness

Believe it or not mental toughness is NOT playing GREAT tennis in BIG matches.

In fact thinking that way can actually be a TRAP that makes you play worse when it matters the MOST.

USPTA/PTR Master Pro Jorge Capestany delivers 10 Big Ideas to Mental Toughness that will give you a FRESH look on what mental toughness actually is.

  • Find out WHY tennis is the toughest sport to master and trying to is STUPID
  • Find out where you fall on the Richter Scale of Stress
  • Use Jorge’s WIN method to reset your focus, relax, and play smart tennis

Jorge is the only teaching professional in the world who has both been voted the USPTA and PTR Pro of the year by his peers.

I call him the Babe Ruth of Tennis Con because every year he knocks his presentation out of the park and he does it AGAIN!

Jorge Capestany - USPTA and PTR Master Pro, Owner of Tennis Drills TV and Capestany

Big Body Language: How to carry yourself like a champion

Did you most of the time when you play a match, you are actually NOT playing tennis?

That is right, MOST of the time you are just walking around or sitting down on changeovers.

What you do with that time MATTERS and can greatly impact the outcome of the match.

Everyone will agree with this point when we point to players like Rafa Nadal, but never seem to take it seriously in their own tennis performance.

You cannot MISS Emma’s Doyle’s tennis lesson.

Emma Doyle unleashes human performance through the 'E' factors, energy, empathy and enjoyment. She is an international speaker originally from Melbourne, Australia, helping you turn your motivation into activation. She has been coaching for nearly 30 years and through her keynote speaking, mentoring, coaching, and consultancy she inspires, improves, and impacts individuals around the world.

Emma will teach you her S.T.A.R. ritual that will have you feeling relaxed, confident, and looking like a pro in your next match!

Emma Doyle - Owner of and author of the Inner Coach

Big Breakthrough- How to Get Bumped to the Next Level!

Tired of being STUCK at the same level year after year?

You see your friends and teammates getting bumped and improving to the NEXT Level while you keep playing and losing to the same players year after year!

It totally SUCKS!!! Don’t worry we got your back here at Tennis Con 4.

My good friend Kevin Garlington specializes in helping players who are stuck get to a NEW Level they themselves didn’t think possible.

  • Learn his “The SKILL STACK Method” to go all the why from a 2.5 to a 5.0
  • How becoming your opponent’s “BEST FRIEND” to quickly jump from a 3.0 to 3.5
  • The #1 Secret to Playing Solid 4.0 tennis

If you are READY for the NEXT LEVEL don’t MISS Kevin at Total Tennis Domination

Kevin Garlington - Total Tennis Domination Over 34 k Subscribers on YouTube

How to Truly Play in the Moment

Don’t you hate playing tennis and your mind is all over the place?

You can’t stop thinking about all your unforced errors. ​

You have a million swing thoughts going on from the latest YouTube video on the forehand you just watched.

The cell phone rings and it’s your BOSS so now you are thinking about what a JERK they are and how your deadline is breathing down your NECK!!!

SLOW down and take a deep breath because Kalindi Dinoffer of OnCourt Offcourt is here to save you.

She will take you step by step through a practice to start living in the moment and be present whether you are on the court, at work, or hanging out with family.

Kalindi Dinoffer - OnCourt Offcourt and mindfulness consultant 

10 Big Lessons with the Pros

Have you heard of TopCourt yet?

They are bringing in today's BIGGEST stars in tennis to help you play the BEST tennis of your life.

In this video lesson you will get 10 quick tips from this all star roster.

  • Find out the #1 Mistake that COST the Bryan Bros 100 matches on tour
  • See the play Paul Annacone runs with Taylor Fritz to set up Big Forehand Winners
  • Watch Lindsay Davenport train one of her players to attack the net
  • Get a ROARING Slice Serve lesson with Fernando Ferdasco
  • See Bencic's unique open stance forehand and backhand style

Come on if you LOVE tennis and MISS this!!! I have no there or be NO where!

Tennis Con 4 ROCKS and so does TopCourt who let me share this lesson.

Topcourt: - Learn for the world's best

Friday Oct 22nd

“Train Big to Play Faster, Stronger, and Outlast the competition”

Big Power Training- work the muscles that create powerful tennis shots- Bigger Serves, Bigger Forehands, Bigger Backhands, Bigger Net Play

According to sports scientist Dr. Mark Kovacs, who trains players like Isner, Tiafoe, Keys, and Stephens, ONLY 10% of the tour is NOT looking to add MORE power to their game.

That means the OTHER 90% of the PRO TOUR are in constant pursuit of that EXTRA 5, 10, to 15 mph.

The tour is literally in an arms race for MORE power on the court.

On Friday Dr. Mark Kovacs will share his secrets he uses to get the BEST ATHLETES in the world to HIT the Ball Harder and MOVE faster on the court!

  • Learn the MOST important MUSCLES you need to become a stronger and faster tennis player regardless of your age or skill level.
  • Watch the #1 EXERCISE Dr. Mark Kovacs has Francis Tiafoe do to increase his Rotational POWER on his Forehand
  • Don’t MISS the SECRET SAUCE exercise to ADDING an easy 10 MPH to your SERVE

If you want to BUILD your body hit POWERFUL shots on the court this is the BEST LESSON to attend.

Dr. Mark Kovacs - Owner of the Kovas Institute and Trainer to our Top American Athletes 

Big Cardio Tennis Workout

Want to outlast the competition?

Then you gotta try Marissa’s BIG cardio workout.

Marissa’s tennis workouts are amazing!

They are HIGH ENERGY, POSITIVE, FUN, and SUPER EFFECTIVE if you are a tennis player looking to take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL.

TOP 3 REASONS to Attend this Session:

  • Feel Amazing with LOTS of energy to go conquer the day
  • Increase your Endurance so you get start WINNING those 3 set marathons
  • Live a healthier life….Cardio increases bone density, strengthens the heart, and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Try it you will LIKE it!

Marissa Johnson  - Owner of RIP IT Tennis with OVER 25,000 followers on Instagram 

Fountain of Youth Fitness: Your BEST Tennis and BIGGEST Accomplishments are STILL to COME

There are NOT many tennis players cooler and MORE inspirational than Brent Able of Web Tennis.

Brent is up to 11 Gold Balls and counting!

 He will share is FITNESS secrets to:

  • Keeping an Explosive first step
  • Improving your agility and reaction time as you age
  • And recovering quickly so you can still play FULL weekend tournaments and live to tell about it

If you want to BE BETTER NEXT YEAR watch this Tennis Con 4 gem with on of my heroes Brent Able

Brent Able  - Owner of Web Tennis and Winner of 11 Gold Balls

Big Burst Training- Explode to balls with a FAST Explosive first step

Here is the GREAT thing about tennis.

The ball is REALLY never that far away when you think about it.

Compare tennis to running down a basketball court, soccer, or football field.

Those athletes have to RUN much further and faster than tennis players. But when a BALL blows past you sometimes it FEELS like the ball is a mile away!

How do we prevent this from happening?

Answer: Develop an EXPLOSIVE first step! That is what High Performance Coach Dean Hollingworth specializes in.

Tune is to see about a dozen exercises you can do to improve your first step and reaction time. If you want to feel FASTER on the court this session is for you!

If you want to BE BETTER NEXT YEAR watch this Tennis Con 4 gem with on of my heroes Brent Able

Dean Hollingworth  - High Performance Coach and owner of

The BIG Stretch

Guilty as charged!

I need to work on my flexibility a lot more!

We all do as tennis players, but who has the time?

This is a Totally LAME excuse and we all know it.

Kalindi Dinoffer at Oncourt Offcourt will take you through a 15 minute routine you can do anywhere at anytime so you can:

  • Feel better on and off the court
  • Reach MORE balls to win more points
  • Avoid pain and stiffness after an intense match

Kalindi Dinoffer  - OnCourt Offcourt and Yoga Queen

Getting Rid of BIG Pain with Yoga for Tennis Players

Do you LOVE to play tennis but are starting to think that all the pain and injuries it causes just is not worth it anymore?

Tennis is a weird sport because it is the #1 sport in the world for longevity.

The longer you can play tennis, you also increase your chances of LIVING longer.

But there is NO getting around the FACT that tennis is BRUTAL on the body.

Gyata Stormon is on a mission to encourage tennis players to embrace yoga, to help balance the body and to heal, or avoid, injuries.

She will take you on a 25 minute healing journey that will rejuvenate your mind and body

Gyata Stormon  - Tennis Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Author, and Life Coach

The BIG Recovery 

Training smarter does not always translate into training smarter.

Sports injury is at an all time high.

Today Tom Avery shares his Top 5 Methods for Recovering Faster and Avoiding Injuries

  • Want to avoid soreness after tennis? Find out what you MUST be eating a lot of within 2 hours of working out
  • Discover the 2 minerals that are Essential to balance your electrolytes
  • If you are lacking energy keeping your from reaching the TOP of your game you NEED MORE of this

If you like feeling FRESH, ALERT, and Performing at the highest level don’t miss Tom Avery at Tennis Con 4!

Tom Avery  - Owner of CTW Academy with over 53 k subscribers on YouTube

Tennis Express Bonus Equipment Session

What Makes TENNIS CON Unique?


Let me break this down for you in simple terms. You could either...

Spend thousands of dollars on a hotel, airfare, and conference, stressed as you rush to make every keynote, workshop, and, lost in a sea of faces…NOT TO MENTION most names on the list are completely unavailable for personal coaching or would charge you anywhere from $500 for $2000 for an hour of their time.

Kick back and relax from the comfort of your computer without spending a dime on travel. We are bringing the BEST COACHES in the world right into your living room all week long!

You can’t find this content anywhere.

PLUS Get Instant Access to FREE Big Power Secrets Video Book

Get Free Access to my Big Power Secrets Playbook until Oct 24th. After Oct 24th it will reside inside the Tennis Con 4 Membership Area


Get Your $10 Tennis Express Gift Card

DO YOU WANT TO Hit the Ball Harder, Play Smarter, and Win More Matches?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tennis C​on?

Tennis Con is an online tennis education that features Over 40 of the BEST Coaches on the planet. This year our event 100% Dedicated towards helping you Play a Bigger and Better Brand of Tennis. If you want to hit bigger serves, forehands, and backhands this is the tennis event for you.

Who Should attend Tennis Con?

Tennis Con 4 is for Tennis players who have a strong appetite for reaching their full potential and love learning from the games best players and coaches!

Do I have to Travel to Tennis Con?

NO...That is the BEST Part you can watch the event from the comfort of your own home!

When Can I watch the Tennis Con Interviews?

Each day, you will have 48 hour access to amazing instruction during the FREE Promotional Week of Tennis Con 4. But to get the BEST and MOST use out of the event I strongly recommend getting a Lifetime Access pass offered after you sign up for your FREE ACCESS Pass. That way you can watch Tennis Con 4 anywhere, anytime you want.


Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman is a USPTA Elite Professional. His YouTube Channel has been voted Top 10 in the world by

Pete was a state champ and top 100 nationally ranked junior growing up, and played #1 at American University in DC.

He is the Head Tennis Coach for Midwest Sports where he delivers his Tuesday INSTA Tip every week. And Pete has been able to work with some of the Biggest Legends in Tennis:

- Rod Laver

- Fred Stolle

- John Newcombe

- Roy Emerson

- Murphy Jensen

- Rick Leach

- Brian Gottfried

- Tony Palofox

- Frank Brennan

But who he enjoys working the most with is YOU! Tennis players that share his passion for the game and have a burning desire to improve.

Pete truly believes you are one magic tip away from cracking the code and having a tennis break through.

Matt Bradshaw

Has the Fastest Growing Tennis Talk show on YouTube called Coffee Break Tennis.

Every week thousands of loyal listeners tune in to hear what the Original FED head has to say about the state of professional tennis.

During this years Wimbledon and US Open tournaments his show had over 400,000 hits in YouTube. Matt has also joined the Crunch Time Coaching instructional team and making videos with Pete!


Get Access to Over 30 Hours of Instruction and Start Hitting Bigger and Better than ever before!

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