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  • Australian Open Champions
  • ATP and WTA Coaches
  • Commentators for ESPN Tennis Channel 
  • USTA Senior National Champions
  • YouTube Coaching Legends

Coming up on October 17th 2022 


Meet Our Coaches...

They are the Best in the World at what they do!

Monday Oct 17th

Day 1: Play Bigger!

Power when you want it and placement where you need it!

Play Big Time Winning Doubles with Any Partner

Mark Woodforde is a GREAT doubles player because he is a GREAT doubles partner.

Mark has the unique ability to play with anyone and instantly make them feel at ease!

He also builds your confidence and helps you enjoy the game.

I know this because I was lucky enough play in a pro am with him one time.

Going into the match I was SUPER nervous and within a game I felt great and played awesome.

In this interview, Mark shares insights on what he learned from playing with Martina, Mac, and Todd Woodbridge.

Don’t miss it!

Mark Woodforde / 17 Time Grand Slam Doubles Champion

How to Develop Perfect Two Handed Backhand Technique

No one breaks down technique like former top 100 ATP Pro Jeff Salzenstein from Tennis Evolution.

At Tennis Con 6 he will show all the two handers how to develop perfect backhand technique.

Tune in to understand:

  1. Best Backhand Grips for Two Handers

  2. The most effective way to use the off hand

  3. How to develop a relaxed fluid swing that produces easy power and control

Enjoy another master class from this Tennis Con Legend!

So make sure to Tune in on Monday Oct 17th to get a front row seat to this EXCLUSIVE lesson and if you want to review it OVER and OVER again make sure to get yourself a lifetime access pass!

Jeff Salzentein / Owner of Tennis Evolution, Former Top 100 ATP Pro, and USTA High Performance Coach 

5 Biggest Doubles Mistakes

You will love this doubles lesson.

Ryan from 2MinuteTennis goes all out in this session to help you become a smarter doubles player.

He brings out his fancy coaching board and even plays tennis  with club players to show you the top 5 doubles mistakes and how to fix them.

You will see what a BIG difference being in the right place at the right time will do for your tennis game!

Tune in Monday to watch:

You will love this lesson and want to immediately run out to the court after viewing!

Ryan Reidy / USPTA Elite Professional and owner of 2MinuteTennis Over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube

Master Class on Handling High Forehand and Backhand Volleys

One of the most botched shots in tennis are high volleys.

These tricky balls should be our reward for playing a solid point and instead end up being our BIG downfall.

If you are sick and tired of missing high volleys don’t miss this tennis lesson.

Tomaz will show you in great detail how to master high forehand and backhand volleys.

  • Tomaz with teach show you why turning your wrist makes you miss in the net and long
  • Why balls don't fly out with an open racket face on the volley
  • How to add power to a high one hander volley

Tomaz Mencinger / Owner of Feel Tennis, Over 197,000 subscribers on YouTube.

How to Hit 100 MPH Serves Even if your Under 6 Feet Tall

Day Day and Daytri are living proof that flawless technique delivers MASSIVE results regardless of how tall your are.

Both brothers are 5'6 tall and have HUGE serves.

How did they do it?

They studied and mastered the fundamentals used by the best players in the world.

In this video they will teach players under 6 feet tall how to hit serves over 100 mph!

This video will inspire anyone who felt they were just not Tall or Strong enough to hit Big serves.

Daytri /Day Day are Co-Owners of Racquet Flex with over 63,000 subscribers on YouTube

5 Ways to Play Bigger (Without Hitting Harder)

Brady has a monster serve and forehand!

He LOVES hitting the tennis ball very hard.

However, in this lesson he will show you how to play a BIGGER more aggressive style of play without hitting harder.

This tennis lesson will help you avoid over hitting and play winning tennis with controlled aggression!

Brady Hiete / Owner of Daily Tennis Lesson with over 47,900 subscribers on YouTube     

Master Your Serve Toss

Does your serve toss let you down and almost embarrass you?

How many double faults can you blame on your toss?

Don’t feel bad developing a consistent serve toss eludes most tennis players.

The serve toss looks easy but is one of the toughest skills to master in tennis!

Tune into Lisa Dodson's lesson she uses her Brand “New” Toss Master invention to show you how to master the slice, flat, and kick serve toss!

Lisa Dodson / Creator of the "Serve" and "Toss" Master     

Think and Play Like a Pro Round Table with Dr. Jim Loehr, Brett Hobden, and Gordon Uehling

Brett Hobden, partnering with fellow Gotta Tennis co-founder Gordon Uehling, infuses the art of coaching with applied sports science to bring you profound insights about today’s game, including secrets that are used by current world number one, Novak Djokovic. 

Are you committing a lot of unforced errors when you play? Do you often play too tentatively or too aggressively? Have you ever pulled the trigger too soon and gone for the wrong shot when the match was on the line? If you’re struggling with any of these, you’ve come to the right place!

Gordon and Brett reveal the mystery behind the success of the game’s greatest players and share with you an easy-to-follow, transformative approach on how you can master being at the right place, hitting the right shot at the right time, every time. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about how to become the best game-ready player you can be and defeat your opponents with ease the next time you step on the court. Sign up today and join us on Weds Oct 20th. 

Brett Hobden

  • Co-founder & CEO of Gotta Tennis

  • Match Analytics provider to Novak Djokovic & his team

  • 35+ years of international tennis industry experience as a program developer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur

  • Former world ranked ATP singles and doubles tennis player

  • Coached Top 10 Junior & Professional players including the likes of Andre Agassi and Tommy Haas

Gordon Uehling

  • Co-Founder of Gotta Tennis & Owner of CourtSense Tennis Academies

  • Advisor/Consultant to Novak Djokovic & his team

  • 25+ years of tech tennis business innovator & investor

  • Former world ranked ATP singles and doubles tennis player

  • Former coach of Christina McHale, Vince Spadea, Dimitri Tursuno, and Luis Flores

A Master Class on Returning Serve

This is a real treat.

If you don’t know Karue he is formerly ranked 400 in the world on ATP tour and was Naomi Osaka’s hitting partner in her runs up to her Australian and US Open victories.

Karue LOVES to return serve and says the trick is to figure out your opponent's serve in the couple of games and then start picking it apart.

Returning serve is the other 50% of tennis no one talks about or works on.

If you want to start breaking serve more often TUNE IN!!!

Karue Sell / Co-Owner of Tennis HQ Over 80k Subscribers on YouTube

Tennis Express Bonus Equipment Session

How to Pack Your Tennis Bag with the Best Equipment

Pack your bag like a pro!

Sam from Tennis Express will show you how to pack your tennis bag with the essential equipment for the 2022/2023 season.

Not only will you get an education on the latest gear and gadgets but you will also learn how to intelligently pack your bag to have all the essential equipment you need to enhance your on court performance!

.Sam Jones / Tennis Express

Tuesday Oct 18th

Day 2 "Hit Big with Better Technique”

Encore: Private Lessons with Leylah Fernandez, Chris Evert, Nick Bollettieri, and the Bryan Brothers

Have you heard of TopCourt yet?

They are bringing in today's BIGGEST stars in tennis to help you play the BEST tennis of your life.

In this video lesson you will get 10 quick tips from this all star roster.

  • Find out Leylah's #1 Strategy on how to build confidence when you are in a rut!
  • See Chris Evert's favorite drill to STOP overthinking and automate your serve!
  • Watch Nick Bollettieri show you his favorite drill for accuracy on the groundstrokes.
  • Learn court positioning from the Bryan Brothers, the Greatest Doubles Team of all time.

Come on if you LOVE tennis and MISS this!!! I have no there or be NO where!

Tennis Con 6 ROCKS and so does TopCourt who let me share this lesson.

Top Court50+ of the world’s most iconic players and coaches

Best All Around Practice Session with Limited Time

Struggle to get enough court time with you busy schedule?

Then don’t miss Simon’s training session!

He will show you how to get a GREAT all around practice that checks all the bases



Approach Shots



In 60 minutes!

Alex and Simon / Top Tennis Training over 341,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Encore: No Practice Partner? No Problem

The Perfect 42 Minute Do it Yourself Practice

You have a BIG problem keeping you from the NEXT LEVEL.

None of your friends will practice with you.

All your friends like to do is play matches and have NO interest in improving technical skills.

Don't worry John Craig has devised the PERFECT 42 minute do it yourself practice.

  • Practice the 8 minute at home serve routine
  • Practice the 24 minute groundstroke, approach shot, volley, and overhead routine.
  • Practice the 10 minute on court serve routine

 Lesson complete with instruction, demonstrations, and step by step drills anyone can do.

John Craig / Owner of Performance Plus Tennis with Over 8,000 subscribers on YouTube

Build a Professional Serve

Watch USPTA Elite Professional John Craig break down the serve like no other.

John is an extremely gifted coach who is in the trenches with players just like you everyday.

He understand how hard putting all the pieces of the serve are for most tennis players.

His serve system is easy to understand and helps you build the perfect serve one step at a time!

John Craig / Owner of Performance Plus Tennis with Over 17,000 subscribers on YouTube

Big Power Using Massive Rotation- Transforming your old school forehand

Ellis Ferriera was one of the BEST doubles players in the world in the late nineties.

He had a MASSIVE Forehand but he said one thing held him back from being a TOP singles player.


He said his NEW modern forehand is MUCH better today at age 50 than his forehand on the tour.

In this EYE opening lesson and demonstration Ellis works with John and shows you how to get Massive body rotation into the ball which will create Massive Topspin and MAX Power!

  • Transform your old school forehand to the New Generation forehand
  • Develop more consistency without losing power
  • Create more shot variety with using angles and hitting through the 3 windows that were NOT possible with the outdated forehand technique

Tune on Tues Oct 20th to trade in your old school forehand to the NEW Next Gen Forehand. 

John Eagleton and Ellis Ferriera   - Sports Ed TV Learn Any Sport Anywhere Anytime

Serve Accelerator

Want a faster serve?

Of course you do!

This year Scott and Nate are going to share an exclusive lesson from their Serve Accelerator course.

Finally Hit:
  • Serves that crush the fence on one bounce
  • Aces
  • Serves over 100 MPH!

Scott and Nate believe that anyone can hit a Bigger Serve if they just implement the correct technique

Scott Baxter and Nate Bolling - Play Your Court-

Everything you need to play more tennis and improve your game

Processed with Focos

When to Drive and When to Slice?

The backhand can be confusing which results in a lot of unforced errors.

You need to play smart with your backhand since most of your opponents are looking to attack it.

Knowing the right time to slice a backhand vs. driving it can be the difference between winning a losing a match.

Just think of great players like Barty, Federer, and Nadal! They are so great at mixing up their backhand.

In this video you will learn the right ball to strike and when to slice.

Ashley is a HOT new coach on YouTube and has over 50k followers on Instagram

Ashley Neaves - Owner of The Tennis Mentor

Understand and Master Every Forehand Grip

What forehand grip do you hit with?

That is important to know so you can build your forehand style of play and a swing path that works with and not against your forehand grip.

Pieter will show you all the grips:

  • Eastern
  • Semi-Western
  • Full-Western

And show you how to properly build your forehand around that grip.

So tune in if you want to grip it and rip it the right way 🙂

Pieter Becker- Over 8 k subscribers on YouTube

5 Progression Drills to Master the Lag and Snap Forehand

Be honest, how many times have you watched videos on the Lag and Snap forehand and you still can’t do it?

Well that is all about to change at Tennis Con 6 with OTI’s Gregg leSueur.

Gregg will show you 5 no fail drills to master the lag and snap so you can start hitting forehands just like the pros.

  • Get rid of excess motion that ruins the lag and snap
  • Work in easy to follow step by step progressions
  • Feel the easy power as the ball sling shots off the strings

Tune in Tues to become a return master.

Gregg Le Sueur - Online Tennis Instruction Over 101,000 subscribers on YouTube

"Improve Your Serve and Skills Through Incremental Adjustments "

Rome was not built in a day and neither is your serve!

The real secret to “serve success” is to make incremental adjustments and improvements.

That is how every great server develops a world class serve.

Even Roger Federer did not start out serving like Roger Federer!

Tom will show you a realistic road map on how you can build the perfect serve over time!

Tom Allsopp  - Owner of TPA with over 21.5 k subscribers on YouTube

The 5 Biggest Singles Mistakes

Mehrban is the creator of the Tennis Summit and Tennis Files podcast so he is always talking tennis with the brightest minds in tennis.

Plus he still plays high level 5.0 singles every week in leagues matches.

Tune in to find out the “The 5 Biggest Singles Mistakes” that keep you from winning matches and getting to the next level.

Mehrban Iranshad  - Owner of the Tennis Files Podcast and the Tennis Summit

Encore: How to consistently make Perfect Contact on the One Hander

This former Top 30 WTA pro is going to the secret to consistent clean contact even when the ball is high or low!

Don't miss Meike Babel's presentation!

You are going to learn Meike's beautiful backhand technique.

Meike has a very unique approach of teaching the backhand and will reveal the #1 mistake rec players make that hold them back from reaching their full potential on the backhand

Meike Babel  / Former Top 30 in the World with Over 1.5 k YouTube Subscribers

Wednesday Oct 19th

Day 3: “Play Big...Win More Matches with Smart Strategy”

Breaking Down Doubles Mistakes at Laver Cup

This is an actual text message I received from 17 Time Grand Slam Champion Gigi Fernandez who was at the Laver Cup this year.

“There is a lot to dissect from the doubles this year. List of reverse stagger problems and bad shot selection”.

Super juicy!

I can’t wait to watch this one myself 🙂

If you want to pull off some big upsets next year tune in Weds with Hall of Famer Gigi Fernandez

Gigi Fernandez   - 17 Grand Slam Champion and creator of the Gigi Method

Think and Play Like a Pro

Brett Hobden, partnering with fellow Gotta Tennis co-founder Gordon Uehling, infuses the art of coaching with applied sports science to bring you profound insights about today’s game, including secrets that are used by current world number one, Novak Djokovic. 

Are you committing a lot of unforced errors when you play? Do you often play too tentatively or too aggressively? Have you ever pulled the trigger too soon and gone for the wrong shot when the match was on the line? If you’re struggling with any of these, you’ve come to the right place!

Gordon and Brett reveal the mystery behind the success of the game’s greatest players and share with you an easy-to-follow, transformative approach on how you can master being at the right place, hitting the right shot at the right time, every time. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about how to become the best game-ready player you can be and defeat your opponents with ease the next time you step on the court. Sign up today and join us on Weds Oct 20th. 

Brett Hobden

  • Co-founder & CEO of Gotta Tennis

  • Match Analytics provider to Novak Djokovic & his team

  • 35+ years of international tennis industry experience as a program developer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur

  • Former world ranked ATP singles and doubles tennis player

  • Coached Top 10 Junior & Professional players including the likes of Andre Agassi and Tommy Haas

Gordon Uehling

  • Co-Founder of Gotta Tennis & Owner of CourtSense Tennis Academies

  • Advisor/Consultant to Novak Djokovic & his team

  • 25+ years of tech tennis business innovator & investor

  • Former world ranked ATP singles and doubles tennis player

  • Former coach of Christina McHale, Vince Spadea, Dimitri Tursuno, and Luis Flores

When to GO Big On the Singles Court

If you have watched Ian Westermann from Essential Tennis talk singles strategy then you know he is a BIG believer in high percentage tennis.

But there are certain situations in a match where you have to take a risk and go for it!

This year at Tennis Con 6 Ian shows you the right time to take your chances and be a “closer” on the singles court.

Tune in you might be ONE lesson away from figuring out how to get to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

Ian Westermann  - Owner of Essential Tennis, Over 275,000 subscribers on YouTube

Will Hamilton's Biggest Tennis Tells

It might be a look in the eye, a return grip, or where you opponent stands to receive serve.

These are called Tells you can use to predict what your opponent is about to do next.

This allows you to win matches more easily because you are always one step ahead of your opponent.

Will Hamilton has made a Book of 52 Tells you can use to out fox your opponents.

His Book of Tells is filled with secrets that tip you off on what your opponent is going to do next. Many of these tells have been developed by some of the greatest players of all time.

  • The Bryan Bros
  • Gigi Fernandez
  • Martina Navratilova

In our Exclusive interview lesson, Will Hamilton reveals the “Biggest Tells” from his "Book of Tells" designed to help you play a MORE offensive brand of doubles!

Will Hamilton  - Owner of Fuzzy Yellow Balls and creator of the Singles and Doubles Playbook

What's the Right Shot to Go Big in Doubles

11 time Gold Ball Winner Brent Abel has a great series called “What’s the Right Shot”.

At Tennis Con 6 we go into the video editing room with Brent and he will pick out points from his matches with other top ranked national players.

He will then quiz us on the right shot to go BIG on the doubles court and what is the best spot to hit out of 3 realistic options!

Put your thinking cap on and become a smarter tennis player by watching this session over and over again!

Brent Abel   - Winner of 11 Gold Balls and own of Web Tennis

The Perfect 15 Minute On Court Doubles Warm Up

If you have a BIG doubles match you and your partner should grab a court and do this warm up.

Most people warm up incorrectly in doubles and get off to slow starts!

Before you know it your are down 3-0!

After watching this video:

  • Your hands will be fast and sharp at the net.
  • Your touch and angle game will be on point 
  • Your transition game will be at another level!

If you play in a doubles league you don’t want to miss this lesson!

Tom Avery CTA  - Over 56,000 subscribers on YouTube

Encore: Big Poaching with USPTA Master Pro

Most doubles players wish they were BETTER at poaching.

They are often confused and don’t know the right time to go across the middle.

USPTA Master Pro will teach you How to be a “Poach Monster” at Tennis Con 4.

  • Discover the BEST time to poach and when to stay home
  • Pick up tells from your opponent when they are about to hit weak balls across the middle
  • Get to the middle Faster and Easier than ever regardless of age or skill level

Pat Whitworth   - USPTA Master Pro and Director of Tennis at River Club

Persistence is Undefeated

Matt will share insights on how the BEST players of all time keep evolving and improving their tennis game.

Novak is the perfect example of this dramatically improving his serve and forehand over the years to become one of the 3 GOATS.

He will share what’s working NOW in the pro game and tell you the MOST important numbers you should pay attention to when you watch pro tennis so you can use it to get more BIG wins in your matches.

Matt Bradshaw  - Creator and Host of Coffee Break Tennis Over 11,000 YouTube Subscribers

An Education on Rackets and Strings with the Most Popular Pro Shop Owner in the World

The next time you walk into a pro shop you want to be confident!

Know the right questions to ask.

Understand strings and racket tensions.

Your equipment is a BIG deal and you should know more about it.

Harry is perhaps the most famous Tennis Shop owner in the world with over 54k subscribers on YouTube.

He will get you ready for your next trip to the tennis shop and help you make a smart decision on whatever you are in the market for!

Harry "Tennis Spin"  - Over 54k subscribers on YouTube

Best Training Aides to Correct Technique and Help you Hit Cleaner

How many times have you been stuck on a shot and no words seem to help correct the problem?

The biggest breakthroughs usually come when we “FEEL”the right shot technique!

OnCourt OffCourt has been helping people “feel” how to play better tennis for nearly 30 years!

At Tennis Con 6 they will show you the Best Training Aides on the market to hit cleaner forehands, master the feeling of topspin, and how to find the sweet spot of the tennis racket!

  • Understand why First Strike tennis does NOT mean going for a winner
  • Learn how to Attack the court through all 3 Hitting Windows
  • Find out the 3 Ways you LOSE control of the point in the Modern Game

If you want to shorten the points a play a NEW Brand of Modern Tennis Tune in Weds to Ellis and John!

Kalindi and Joe Dinoffer  - OnCourt OffCourt helping us Feel Better on the court for nearly 30 years!

Thursday Oct 20th

Day 4: “Think Big and Play Better Under Pressure"

Fearless Tennis Applied: Committing to Your Best Tennis In Matchplay.

Are you match tough?

Do you thrive under pressure or fold?

If you play timid when the match is on the line, tune into Jeff Greenwald’s presentation.

Jeff is a world renowned sports psychologist who specializes in helping tennis athletes play fearlessly under pressure.

I believe this is a must see for every tennis player because he is going to show you how to measure your improvement in areas of mental toughness.

This is a BOLD promise. It is easy to measure serve improvement, consistency off the ground, but how will he help you measure mental toughness?

I can’t wait to see 🙂

  • How to relax and play in the moment
  • How to properly channel the Zen Master and the Intense Competitor that lives inside all of us. 
  • How to peak for the most important matches of the year

Tune in Thursday to Tennis Con 6, Jeff will help you master your mind and achieve your potential.

Jeff Greenwald - M.A., M.F.T/ Author, Renowned Sport Psychologist Two-Time World-Champion

Best of Rick (Full Forehand Lesson with Pete and Big Mindset)

Rick Macci is responsible for developing legendary talent such as:

  • Serena and Venus Willams
  • Andy Roddick
  • Jenifer Capriti
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Sofia Kenin

Did you see King Richard?

It was an awesome movie.

And the movie clearly showed without Rick Macci there would not have been Venus and Serena.

Rick also developed Jennifer Capriti, and Andy Roddick!

We are so lucky that Rick has been part of multiple Tennis Con events!

This year I put together a best of Rick lesson for you to enjoy…

Rick Macci - USPTA Hall of Fame coach who has developed some of the BEST Players in the history of tennis!

Deep Dive on Correcting Serve Technique

He did it again folks!

The Babe Ruth of Tennis Con hits another home run with this year’s presentation.

Over the years Master Pro Jorge Capestany has develop a 9 point checklist you must master to hit the serve of your dreams…

This year at Tennis Con 6 Jorge will show you how to:

  • Successfully serve with a continental grip

  • Fix the waiter tray position on the serve
  • Pronate like a pro!

Jorge Capestany - USPTA and PTR Master Pro, Owner of Tennis Drills TV and Capestany

What Makes a Great Coach

Based on extensive research from the world's leading tennis, sport, and business coaches, What Makes a Great Coach? unlocks the secrets from over 500 coaches and the top 10 practices of these coaches. 

Told through the eyes of Emma's own personal and raw journey towards elite coaching, What Makes a Great Coach? features stories, quotes, and inspiration from past and current coaching legends, including the coaches of many former World No. 1s.

What Makes a Great Coach provides the much-needed authentic, practical, and relatable guide to becoming a better coach and discovering your inner coach.

Emma Doyle - Owner of and author of What Makes a Great Coach?

Why the way you are practicing in making you inconsistent in match play

Do you get frustrated that you don’t bring your best tennis to your matches?

Do you feel like you practice much better than you play?

If this sounds all too familiar don’t miss Kevin Garlingon at Tennis Con 6!

He believes the way you practice might be the reason you play inconsistent in your matches.

Kevin will show you where you are going wrong on the practice court and how to implement an effective practice routine that will improve your performance in matches.

  • Learn Kevin's Secret to having a great foundation on the backhand.
  • Discover the Biggest Mistake players make in the unit turn 
  • Tap into the"#1 Power Source" on the backhand 

If you are READY to take your one hander to the NEXT LEVEL don’t MISS Kevin at Total Tennis Domination

Kevin Garlington - Total Tennis Domination Over 34 k Subscribers on YouTube

Developing a World Class Modern Forehand

Ready for a forehand lesson full of energy that pops off the screen?

Grant will motivate and inspire you to develop a World Class Modern Forehand.

After watching this session you will know:

  • Grant’s 5 Stage Forehand Framework to a Modern Forehand
  • The key check point for the unit turn
  • 2 Most Common Mistakes most players make
  • How the legs shoulders and hips work together to create effortless power
  • How to max out racket head speed with Grant’s two part acceleration method

Tune in if you want a world class forehand

Grant VanderHayden - Over 104,000 Followers on Instagram

How to “Watch” the Ball Better

I am quite confident you have never had a tennis lesson like this!

Almost every tennis player I know gets frustrated and yells “watch the ball”!

Richard shows us that there might be other factors involved other than a lack of focus.

We might actually need to retrain the brain and the eyes to track the ball better.

Richard explains why you:

  • Keep getting too close to the tennis ball

  • Why you keep hitting late

  • How high balls become difficult to track

This lesson is an eye opener…..sorry I could not resist 😂

Richard Brice - Owner of the "Tennis Hacker" over 11 k Subscribers on YouTube

Friday Oct 21st

“Train Big to Play Faster, Stronger, and Outlast the competition”

Encore: The Kovacs Top 10 List 

10 Exercises Every Tennis Player needs to do to play better tennis and avoid injuries

On Friday Dr. Mark Kovacs will share his secrets he uses to get the BEST ATHLETES in the world to HIT the Ball Harder, MOVE faster on the court, and avoid injuries!

Dr. Kovacs will share his TOP 10 List to play better tennis and avoid injuries.

  • Learn Mark's favorite exercise for increasing your range of motion on the serve that adds an easy 10 MPH.
  • Mark reveals how he trains players to get FASTER on the court.
  • Don’t MISS the SECRET SAUCE to staying injury free so you can keep playing more tennis!

If you want to BUILD your body hit POWERFUL shots and Protect yourself from career ending injuries this is the BEST LESSON to attend.

Dr. Mark Kovacs - Owner of the Kovas Institute and Trainer to our Top American Athletes 

Pete Gets a Private Serve Lesson with Mark Kovacs

Super exciting!

This year I got to take a private serve lesson with Dr. Mark Kovacs.

Mark has worked with serve monsters John Isner, Frances Tiafoe, Sloane Stephens, and Sam Querry.

He helps the best players understand his 8-Stage Model for Evaluating the Tennis Serve which has won awards!

In this lesson he takes me through all 8 stages to show me where I am performing well and how I can maximize my serve by tapping into power sources I am not using to my full potential.

An outstanding lesson.

Dr. Mark Kovacs - Owner of the Kovas Institute and Trainer to our Top American Athletes 

Peter Freeman- Creator of Tennis Con/ 55k Subscribers on YouTube

Encore: Perfect 15 Minute Doubles Warm up and Footwork Patterns  (Off Court Warm Up)

Singles and Doubles are completely different games.

Singles has a lot more side to side movement vs. doubles that has up and back movements.

In doubles you also need faster reactions with all the NET battles you will encounter.

To play your BEST doubles you need to get the body ready for doubles movement.

Marissa is an awesome instructor who loves to focus on tennis fitness.

In this video she will show you:

  • The perfect routine to improve your reaction time
  • How to have a FASTER and MORE explosive first move to the tennis ball
  • The Best Way to develop your forward and backward movement so you can cover your half of the court like a pro!

Try it you will LIKE it!

Marissa Johnson  - Owner of RIP IT Tennis with OVER 25,000 followers on Instagram 

Optimal Nutrition for Tennis Performance

Top athletes understand more and more that what they put in their body and when they do it can be a gamechanger.

How many times have you blamed a loss due to low energy or feeling sluggish on the court?

On the flip side, how great do you play when you feel light and full of focused energy.

If you want to feel your best on the tennis court, changing your diet might have a greater impact than paying for 100 private lessons!

Just ask Novak Djokovic. Changing his diet completely changed his game!

Let’s learn how to eat right so we can play better!

Kaleigh  - Tennis Nutritionist with over 1k followers on Instagram

"The Dropper"

Can you hear Patrick McEnroe say it?


A drop shot hit at the right time wins tennis matches and impresses your friends!

A stupid drop shot makes you look like a fool!

Tune in to learn the art of the “DROPPER” so you can win in style.

Guillaume Berman  - Co-Owner of Tennis Fantasies in Europe

Building Big Momentum and Winning Habits

This guy is an animal!

He has done tennis specific workouts for 962 days in a row!

To say this guy is ripped is an understatement.

But more impressive than his physique is his STRONG mind!

In this session you will learn secrets to building winning habits in your life on and off the court.

Plus see some pretty awesome tennis specific exercises.

Milan Krnjetin  - Over 51 K Followers on Instagram

Big Burst Training- Explode to balls with a FAST Explosive first step

Here is the GREAT thing about tennis.

The ball is REALLY never that far away when you think about it.

Compare tennis to running down a basketball court, soccer, or football field.

Those athletes have to RUN much further and faster than tennis players. But when a BALL blows past you sometimes it FEELS like the ball is a mile away!

How do we prevent this from happening?

Answer: Develop an EXPLOSIVE first step! That is what High Performance Coach Dean Hollingworth specializes in.

Tune is to see about a dozen exercises you can do to improve your first step and reaction time. If you want to feel FASTER on the court this session is for you!

If you want to BE BETTER NEXT YEAR watch this Tennis Con 4 gem with on of my heroes Brent Able

Dean Hollingworth  - High Performance Coach and owner of

Playing Smart and Problem Solving under Immense Pressure

Do these names ring a bell?

MEP, Hot Garbage. Wanna Be Pro, and the Tennis Troll?

If not, do yourself a favor and look up the Tennis Troll Channel on YouTube!

These brave amatuer players battle it out on camera for the entire world to see.

I am willing to bet MEP is now more popular than most top 100 ATP pros.

This session gives you tools to play your Best tennis under the BIG lights!

Tennis Troll All Stars  Tennis Troll over 13K Subscribers on YouTube

Emma Doyle

- Author of What Makes a Great Coach?

Ema Burgic Bucko
-Former #140 WTA Ranked
- Tennis with Ema over 42 k followers

Quick Technical Tips and Fixes

Sometimes a simple drill or quick reminder in a match can make all the difference in your tennis game.

I have so many golden tips floating in my head that have helped me solve problems on the court and get out of ruts.

You know as soon as you hear it or see it that it will be a gamechanger for you!

Emma Doyle and Ema Burgic Bucko have teamed up to give you quick tips you can use to instantly give your game a boost!

Here are just a couple of things you will learn:

  • Quick Tips on Relaxation on your shots
  • Quick Tips on how to hit the ball faster
  • Quick Tips on how to be more consistent on groundstrokes

Emma Doyle- "Emma Doyle - "TEDx presenter and author of What Makes a Great Coach?

Ema Burgic Bucko- Over 42k followers on Instagram and co-host of 

5 Drills to Create Massive Topspin

Phillip Hofmeyr is the creator of the Topspin Pro so he knows a thing or two about topspin and how it works.

Topspin has changed the pro game, essentially allowing them to swing as fast they can yet the ball safely falls in the court.

In this video Phillip is going to give you his top 5 drills you can practice on the Topspin pro.

  • Get the feel of spin depth and heigh
  • Get more RPMS on the tennis ball
  • Get more spin on the backhand

Phillip Hofmeyr- Creator of the Topspin Pro

5 Secrets to Master the Midcourt and Net Play

Ready to master the midcourt and the net?

You are going to love this lesson with Shadisha Robinson.

She is going to show you 5 ways you can play better tennis by using something she calls the T Step.

After watching this video you will be able to use the T Step to:

  • Poach Easier
  • Serve and volley
  • Handle into the body volleys
  • Smoothy hit transition approach shots

Be looking for Shadisha on my YouTube channel in the very near future!

Shadisha Robinson- High Performance Coach, Former Doubles National Champion and All American at University of Georgia

What Makes TENNIS CON Unique?


Let me break this down for you in simple terms. You could either...

Spend thousands of dollars on a hotel, airfare, and conference, stressed as you rush to make every keynote, workshop, and, lost in a sea of faces…NOT TO MENTION most names on the list are completely unavailable for personal coaching or would charge you anywhere from $500 for $2000 for an hour of their time.

Kick back and relax from the comfort of your computer without spending a dime on travel. We are bringing the BEST COACHES in the world right into your living room all week long!

You can’t find this content anywhere.

PLUS Enter Contest to Win a Slinger Bag and The Tennis Express Total Tennis Makeover when you get your Free Ticket to Tennis Con 6

DO YOU WANT TO Hit Faster, Move Faster, and Win More Matches?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tennis Con?

Tennis Con is an online tennis education that features Over 40 of the BEST Coaches on the planet. This year our event 100% Dedicated towards helping you Hit harder, Move Faster, Think Faster and Win More Matches. If you want to hit bigger serves, forehands, and backhands this is the tennis event for you.

Who Should attend Tennis Con?

Tennis Con 6 is for Tennis players who have a strong appetite for reaching their full potential and love learning from the games best players and coaches!

Do I have to Travel to Tennis Con?

NO...That is the BEST Part you can watch the event from the comfort of your own home!

When Can I watch the Tennis Con Interviews?

Each day, you will have 48 hour access to amazing instruction during the FREE Promotional Week of Tennis Con 4. But to get the BEST and MOST use out of the event I strongly recommend getting a Lifetime Access pass offered after you sign up for your FREE ACCESS Pass. That way you can watch Tennis Con 4 anywhere, anytime you want.


Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman is a USPTA Elite Professional. His YouTube Channel has been voted Top 10 in the world by

Pete was a state champ and top 100 nationally ranked junior growing up, and played #1 at American University in DC.

He is the Head Tennis Coach for Midwest Sports where he delivers his Tuesday INSTA Tip every week. And Pete has been able to work with some of the Biggest Legends in Tennis:

- Rod Laver

- Fred Stolle

- John Newcombe

- Roy Emerson

- Murphy Jensen

- Rick Leach

- Brian Gottfried

- Tony Palofox

- Frank Brennan

But who he enjoys working the most with is YOU! Tennis players that share his passion for the game and have a burning desire to improve.

Pete truly believes you are one magic tip away from cracking the code and having a tennis break through.

Matt Bradshaw

Has the Fastest Growing Tennis Talk show on YouTube called Coffee Break Tennis.

Every week thousands of loyal listeners tune in to hear what the Original FED head has to say about the state of professional tennis.

During this years Wimbledon and US Open tournaments his show had over 400,000 hits in YouTube. Matt has also joined the Crunch Time Coaching instructional team and making videos with Pete!


Get Access to Over 30 Hours of Instruction and Start Hitting Bigger and Better than ever before!

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