Overhead shot, as we have earlier discussed, is quite difficult in execution and there are ample chances of players making mistakes unknowingly. This article is going to throw some light on the common mistakes that are made in an overhead shot and also what measures can be taken to avoid them. Most commonly, players do not make proper preparatory move, then lose balance while hitting, and do not put enough power and consistency in the shot.

1. Improve your first move preparation on the overhead: as soon as you see your opponent’s shot and decide to take an overhead shot, you need to make an initial quick move.

Fixing the preparation move:

  • Activate your footwork instantly and start moving backwards.
  • While moving backwards, racket hand should be in the power position.
  • Do not take excessive backswing.
  • It is good to point at the ball but make sure that it does not lean too forward, i.e., your hand should not make a steep slope.

A good preparatory move will set your upper and lower body in motion. By keeping the position technically upright while making a proper initial move, better coordination will be possible and that will stack up the necessary power.

2. Stay balanced while hitting the overhead shot: every player is prone to lose balance in such a rigorous game as tennis. But by keeping the below mentioned things in mind, a player can avoid going off-balance while executing the overhead shot.

  • Do not drop your non-racquet hand too soon otherwise it will throw you off-balance and will make you rotate too early.
  • Imbalanced body will compel you to hit the ball much sooner and thus will not allow you to put proper power in the shot. So, maintain the balance between your racquet and non-racquet hand and also the speeds of their motion.
  • The whole mistake of dropping the hand too soon, will also take your momentum in an entirely wrong direction, and that is definitely not got for an overhead shot.
  • Your target is in the court and so your momentum should be directed in the court and not anywhere else.

3. Develop more power and consistency on the overhead: for this you must simply try to keep all your acting parts in synchronization and practice more and more.

3 Common overhead mistakes and how to fix them

Best Technique that is recommended is to:

  1. Hold the racquet with both hands if you are comfortable, hold on for as long as you can. Even while moving back and doing the cross-over steps, keep holding the racquet.
  2. Then balance your non-playing hand straight up in the air not aligned parallel with your face but a little inclined towards your face. You must be facing totally off the court for a few moments before hitting. This will keep you in balance.
  3. Right before you are ready to hit, sink down and take a few steps ahead towards the court. Both the arms should be working together. Let your racquet hand go up, hit and then come down. Remember, in the whole act both your hands are working as one unit.
  4. Let your other hand come down naturally, do not force any action upon it. Both your hands will automatically swing forward in coordination and will inline more energy towards the shot rather than wasting any of it.

We have elaborately discussed the key points, so that you can improve your overhead shot. A lot of people find overhead shot a very difficult shot to execute, thus we tried to make learning of overhead shot a little less complex. Hope it helps. All the best.