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How to Win the Match of your Life?

We have Skip Johnson with us, who is a USPTA Master Professional and has also written a book, ‘Grateful for Everything’. Skip has also played in the Satellite tournament. We are waiting for coaching session of a high school team who have won regional tournament last year and trying to win at state level now. […]

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Modern Forehand Lesson in the Style of Roger Federer

One important weapon required in any tennis player’s arsenal is modern forehand technique. In this lesson we will be using ‘a wall’ to develop modern forehand technique. This enables you to have a much simpler shorter backswing but you will be able to generate a lot more pace and spin. This method was designed by […]

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Live Kick Lesson

A player must be able to differentiate one serve shot from the other serve shot clearly. Nearly every beginner mistakenly slices his kick serve with a curling motion. In the beginning of the shot they curl their racquet hand and instead of kicking their serve out they slice it feebly. This kind of serve is […]

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