This past weekend Novak played perfect tennis according to his opponent.

I played against a player who did everything perfect. I know nobody playing tennis like this ever. Since I know this sport I never saw somebody playing at this level.

Rafa Nadal

That is kind of a big deal when that kind of praise comes from arguably the greatest player of all time, who has played Federer in his prime who is also arguably the greatest player of all time.

Novak now needs to be included into that conversation as well, with 10 Grand Slams and no signs of stopping.

Today I want to share some cool highlights from Novak on and off the court. Whether you are a Novak fan or not I think you will find these videos highly entertaining.

Novak Hits with Cutie Pie Aussie Girl


Novak Shares Chocolate with the Press


Novak Shares seat and Drink with Ball Boy


Novak Apologizes to Parents and Ball Boy for losing his cool


Novak Gets Pumped up with French Open Ball Kids


Novak Dances with Ball Kids


Novak Ice Bucket Challenge


Novak Mini-Tennis Must Watch


Novak Djokovic – Serbian Gladiator

Thanks for all the great moments Novak keep them coming.

Comment below: What is your favorite Nole moment?