If you’ve ever tried play tennis with “Fed-Like” variety you know it’s not quite that simple as some of us may just be adding extra UNFORCED ERRORS!

But variety in your game IS WORTH IT, even if it takes awhile to get yourself used to constantly mixing things up and costs you some points along the way.

That’s why in today’s YouTube lesson we start with a simple but effective drill (click below to watch) where you warm-up with alternating spins. Every shot you and your hitting partner hit must be the opposite spin of the previous shot. For example if you hit a topspin forehand the next ball you hit must be a slice forehand or backhand, followed by topspin, then slice… you get it?

You can also do this in a match warm-up against your opponent, just alternate spin on every shot… it may actually have a negative effect on their warm-up! BONUS!! (note… DON’T tell your opponent what you’re doing)

Speaking of bonus, if you really want to improve technique on your shots so you can execute this drill better do yourself a favor and CLICK HERE for your free bonus training on shot mixology!