Many tennis historians consider Rod Laver the Greatest Player of all Time.

I had the honor to interview Rod for over an hour for a course I made called Legends Guide to Tennis Mastery.

In this video I asked the humble Rod Laver, “What made you so great?”

His answer I found very remarkable and really gave me great insight to how a true champion thinks.

One thing that made my visit with Rod even more humbling was to here how today’s greatest players respect Mr. Laver.

Here are some pretty special moments with Roger, and Rafa as they show respect for the biggest living legend of our great sport.

Awesome stuff.

Roger Cries When He Mentions the Word Laver…It will choke you up.

Rafa Meets Rod and wants Uncle Tony to take Pictures

Roger Hits with Rod and Says the Racket Feels heavy…Classic

rod laver

Comment Below on your thoughts of Rod Laver…Any special memories on this great living legend?