Forehand shots are unquestionably easier than backhand shots. You can do more experimentation and can learn more techniques in forehand shots in just one go. Backhand involves your non-functional hand as well and that makes it all the way more difficult to put absolute energy and finesse in a backhand shot. Backhand is also a very rigid and straight kind of shot. But when we watch the pro players attempting the backhand shots, they have a very flowing and a rhythmic loop in that shot which makes it appear like a smooth shot. This article is going to tell you what you can do to inhibit a restricted motion in your backhand shot.

To have a nice flowing and rhythmic backhand, where you should really begin is from the Set-up. Yes, work on your ready position and concentrate on your unit turn. The entire process is discussed below.

Steps involved:

  1. At the onset, you have to bring in the habit of holding the racquet with both your hands and placing it in your body’s front (just like holding a flag).
  2. Then you have to change the grip, only one rotation. There will be no change of position(of your body or the racquet), just leave the racquet for a microsecond and grip the racquet again. Toss the ball against the wall and practice this as much as you can, we assure that it will not be one bit difficult to get used to it. To understand it better you can watch the video

Martina Hingis does this technique the best, you can also see her videos.

  1. Now just turn, then drop and finally come up through.
  2. The whole procedure will naturally get you in a built in loop.

So, an appropriate loop can be built by changing the grip, turning to your backhand side, dropping down and then seamlessly coming up. Just 4 steps for a good loop.

backhand tennis lesson

Sometimes a question arises that does a two handed backhand need a loop at all? It does, it indeed does. To have a rhythmic and easy backhand a built in loop is as necessary as the overall fitness. Loop backswings are very popular in modern tennis. A built in loop will not only increase the effectiveness of the shot but will also avail a lot of agility in your body to make proper swing paths.

We hope this article helps you in improving your backhand. Step up your game and leave no stone unturned to do so. We try to come up with easiest tips for most unique problems because in tennis you have to pay heed to every little detail. We are conscious that backhand shots are tough birds to catch and for that reason, we are trying more to get it done easily for you.

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