How does it feel when you can’t find out a root to some problem? Helpless, right? A lot many people do not give a thought to minute things that they are missing while learning Tennis. And believe us these little things might be keeping you away from a good show of your tennis game. We have been narrating repeatedly that today’s tennis is about power and this article is going to unveil a great tip that will let you increase power in your serve. So sail through and start learning the Lagging Effect (exercise to add more power to the serve).


Most people serve with the technique where, their racquet and non-racquethands, both move together. There is absolutely no problem in the ‘down-together and up-together’ move. It gives you a nice and rhythmic serve, but if you are willing to advance a step ahead and wanting to add more power, then you can change this habit and switch to a more powerful serve technique. We are going to call it the Lagging Effect.

How to add lagging effect:

  1. Let your tossing arm take the lead over your hitting arm. By this we mean that, your tossing arm will move first and then your hitting arm will follow.
  2. When you let the ball go off your tossing arm, your hand should still be rising and the hitting arm should still be down. Do not keep your hitting arm down with absolutely no movement, let there be slow ascending but natural movement in the hitting arm.
  3. There has to be a separation between your arms, as if you are opening them out in V-form, where your tossing arm is rising up high (even after you let the ball go in air this arm will keep rising naturally) and the hitting arm will first go down and then will come up to hit the ball, much later than the rising arm.
  4. What is this drill doing? It will impel you to play some serious game of catching up. When your hitting arm will be lagging behind your tossing arm, it will naturally have to come up with more advancing racquet head speed to hit the ball.
  5. The ball is already in the air, so you have to bring the racquet with a great speed. The speedy movement will automatically load the shot with massive power.
  6. A wide gap between the arm and the ball is the factor that will help you to act with more pace. You’ll observe pronation happening right after you hit the ball.

In short, you have to let your hitting arm to lag behind your tossing arm and ultimately the ball. This lag will ignite the hitting arm to come up with an unbelievable racquet head speed and hence adding tremendous power. You’ll come up with more paced up and powerful game using this lagging effect drill. If you are more comfortable with your conventional way of hitting you can continue with it. But we say, that, trying never killed anyone. Who knows that this very simple yet effective drill might unwrap a more powerful serve shot in your game? So, do try this tip and see yourself adding power in your serve shot substantially. After all, you want to keep paced with the modern tennis game.

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