Forehand is the most common shot but with that some mistakes are associated in a natural and unavoidable way. Most players are in a daze and commit to these common mistakes. This article has been prepared by analysing the playing technique of a learner, the forehand motion of a learner was observed and certain mistakes were found to be very commonplace to almost all beginners and learners. If you are really zeroing in on becoming a virtuoso in the game of tennis then you should be paying attention to minute details of the game. What if you never realize what mistakes you are making? Don’t worry, we at Crunch time Coaching intend to make you learn even those mistakes which you are not aware of while playing.

Forehand is a tool which is the most natural defence action of a Tennis player. Some conventional mistakes and ways to correct them are as follows:-

  1. Do not lose your footwork: Moment after the swing action, players lose their focus from the footwork. What you have to do is, remain in an open stance position(keep your legs apart from each other like a split step) even after performing your swing. When you are in an open stance position, it doesn’t mean that you are bound to attempt the ball in that particular position only. Open stance actually gives you the readiness to deal with the ball in the most suitable manner.
  2. Keep your legs open so that the power is easily transited from the ground to your shot. A little distant between the legs and the active footwork will not lock your body and will make the body more responsive towards the ball. Also use your core a lot, always connect to the core.
  3. Only semi-western grip is not enough: Yes, along with the fact that you use a semi-western grip throughout you also need to mind your angle of the strings. The strings should be facing towards the ground and not upwards in the sky. By keeping the racquet at an angle with the ground you will be able to generate some great racquet head speed and ultimately massive topspin.
  4. The Wrist game: The wrist plays an important role when you attempt a forehand, if you lose the connection with your wrist’s power, an injury might occur. Your wrist must point out at the net-post. Strings should be facing the ground (almost completely) and the wrist should pop out towards the net-post. The ball must be way up above the racquet.
  5. Do not keep your hand and racquet in one single line (like a stick elongated from your shoulder to the racquet head’s tip). Work up your wrist and don’t break your ideal position which is described in previous points.
  6. Let your racquet do a complete movement by hitting the ball hard and finish the move really nicely. Open stance, wrist pointing out, strings facing the ground and a windshield wiper like swing will make an unpassable forehand shot.


So, the most common mistakes in forehand are not made on a technical ground but on a physical ground. The body parts are supposed to be kept in an exertive mode. These miniscule tips will greatly magnify your power generation in the shot. Go for your training session and observe if you have been making these mistakes or not, if you are, correct them. We at Crunch time coaching wish to be as efficacious as possible so that we can help you to reach the peak of your game. For queries regarding this post or any other problem you can contact us at