If you really love tennis and want to become a success in this game then you must evolve along with the changing needs of this game. Today, every player is looking for more spin and power to stand out in the competition. Not just for the competition but for your own self you must work on your spin and power. But does more spin equivalent to more power? This article is going to answer that question in the best possible way.

In a flat shot, you are able to give enough pace to the ball as you hit directly in this type of shot. But the risk involved is much greater in a flat shot as the players with flat shot technique tend to attempt a conservative stroke only and can let the ball fly only in rare cases. Also when you miss the precision the ball heads directly into the net instead of crossing it.

When you spin the ball, you actually take some pace off the ball. Spin is created by brushing the ball and that makes it a bit slower in motion but gives a considerable height to the ball. These two factors reduce the risk of hitting the ball in the net. Resultantly, spin shots give the liberty to a player to hit the ball as hard as he want and the player can still be confident of getting the ball placed at a right target. Now that liberty of hitting harder is what that is going to reckon up the power. What really makes spin shot look like a more powerful shot? The bounce! Yes, when you hit a spin shot the ball does slow down because of the increased height but when the ball hits the ground and bounces, it gains speed as it kicks off the court and goes to the opponent with more power. Thus making it a heavier shot.

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Second thing affecting the power factor, is the grip. When you change from a frying pan grip to the one suitable for more spin, then again you augment a confidence factor. What happens there? Does the grip add power? No. The grip only makes you more comfortable to take a swing as fast as you can. So, when you change the grip, you don’t hit harder but actually swing harder with confidence. That confidence can instil more power in a nominal shot. This way spin transforms the shot into a powerful one. Different shots ask for different level of gripping to add the necessary spin. With the wrong grip you may tend to miss a lot of hits. So, pay attention to the grip as it may affect your power.

Ever wondered how those pro players return and receive even the most inconceivable of shots? The answer to that is, spin and confidence. To conclude, spin is not equal to power but it gives you the confidence that lets you hit harder with more power. It can be said that spin action is a generator of more power that you hold within. Spin can be thought of as an accelerator that helps the engine of your body to race with more power. This way spin actually is about a mindset and how you understand the concept of spin. So, keep your concepts clear and learn effectively. Good luck.