A player must be able to differentiate one serve shot from the other serve shot clearly. Nearly every beginner mistakenly slices his kick serve with a curling motion. In the beginning of the shot they curl their racquet hand and instead of kicking their serve out they slice it feebly. This kind of serve is minimally of any use because it neither has a proper spin nor the definite power.

Kick serve aims to push the ball off of the court. In the modern game everyone is focusing on getting a lot of spin and loads of power in their serve but a monstrous kick serve is unsurpassable too. You must have heard that even if simple things are done right then there is nothing that can beat them.

For a good kick serve:

  1. First check your toss: you must toss the ball in a manner that before the contact, the ball must be directly above your head. We have repeatedly said that for a serve shot, a proper toss is an important element.
  2. The move that our coach suggest is the ultimate tip for a killer kick serve. You have to throw up your hand with amazing power(think as if you and your friend are competing and the one who throws the stone at the farthest distance is the winner, now throw the stone as far as you can so that you win). This is the kind of movement your hand should do to add great speed to your racquet head.
  3. Now the most important thing is how you finish the shot. After going out in the upward direction completely, you should take your arm behind your leg (of the playing arm side only). This should be your follow through. This action will prevent you from slicing the ball.
  4. Ideally, brush only the back of the ball and mind your swing and pronation. The follow through motion should be in the direction of the side of your body more than the curling it on your opposite side.
  5. Also, do not start jumping from the first lesson. When you start to work on your kick serve, first get used to the technique. Maximum energy most definitely lies in the legs and the proper footwork will add the needed energy, but at the initial stage you don’t have to start jumping. If you will start to jump too early in your practice sessions then you might not be able to feel the proper rhythm in your legs.


For a kick serve, along with aggressive swing and a tremendous racquet head speed, a proper follow through is must. The kick serve must not slice your ball; it should throw off or kick off the ball amazingly off the court. Pay attention to all the essentials of a kick serve that are mentioned above and master your kick serve. Watch the fun video that our coach made to explain all the necessary moves of a kick serve.

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