Backhand has always been an ‘easier said than done’ kind of shot. People can generate massive power in forehand shots by natural power but it is always difficult to put same amount of energy, power and topspin in backhand shots. This tip called ‘The Jut’ is going to guide you how to add power to your shot instantly.

We all have been in a situation where we attempted a backhand with full confidence and avidity and yet the output shot was the worst thing that you could do in a game. You get numb, torpid and can’t understand why the backhand shots go wrong even after applying the right technique. Let us tell you that Tennis is just not about technique, you have to practice the ways which optimize your power-generation. ‘The Jut’ will help you in this purpose.


Still wondering what ‘The Jut’ is about? Let us tell you that the jut is nothing but the end tip of the racquet other than the racquet head, that is, the end of your racquet’s handle.

The Process:

  1. You have to grip the racket handle with your playing hand and the other hand will support the racquet by holding the point where your racquet head starts (after the handle).
  2. Now, focus on your swing. You must be able to feel the power in both your hands.
  3. Make a full swing, either you are taking a normal backhand or slicing backhand shot.
  4. Before the contact, he Jut should aim the coming ball like a rocket.
  5. And then finally after following a full swing path hit/slice the ball.

One Handed Backhand Tip

If you apply the above process to your Backhand technique, you’ll notice that you are able to add more power and more topspin to the shot instantly. So, what is the magic here? No magic just science. Both your hands are able to transform the stored energy of your body in the topspin energy by sharing the load. The jut aligns your power in the needed direction.

We performed a practical experiment and observed that after following ‘The Jut’ process the swing speed, racquet head speed and topspin speed go enhanced by a great 15-20 mph. Astonishing, isn’t it? Try the tip for yourself and observe the great results. Complexity of a backhand is well known and well understood. But we are coming up with new ways and simpler tips that can help you to master your backhand without any difficulties. All the best. Write us when you try these tips and tell how effective it proved for you. For more queries and tips you can contact us through emails, email us at