“I’m not better than Djokovic” Pete had to offer up as a disclaimer in our latest YouTube lesson, “but I’m better at this drill than he was”. Not so long ago Novak Djokovic was an ATP World Tour leader in double faults and bad serving statistics but still knocking at the doors of Roger and Rafa despite it.

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He went back to basics, simple hand feeds to work on his groundstrokes and also doing this silly looking exercise to get confidence on his second serve (pictured below)… Just click the play button on the image below and in the first couple of minutes we play the clip of Djokovic falling over as he loses balance, AMAZING! Djokovic is possibly the most flexible and balanced player of all time but still had a hard time serving from his knees.

It’s okay though, Djoker doesn’t make the BIG BUCKS to win matches on his knees and the drill served it’s purpose. If you have trouble with your service motion, especially if you struggle with getting the second serve IN the box… YOU MUST TRY THIS DRILL!

I know it seems awkward and uncomfortable, TRUST ME I didn’t want to do this drill either… Watch the video above to see me trying it out for probably the second or third time in my life. The perspective you get from down there when you attempt to get height on your serve using a kick motion is invaluable!

Reasons why you DO NOT want to try the drill…

  • It will hurt my knees
  • I don’t understand how it will help my serve
  • I’ll look ridiculous
  • I might lose balance and fall over like Djokovic

Solutions to the aforementioned EXCUSES

  • Use a folded up towel for knee support
  • Do the drill before you judge
  • Your second serve might already look ridiculous, this drill can fix it!
  • If you fall over like Djokovic you can brag to friends and family that you are JUST LIKE Novak Djokovic!

And don’t forget if all the drill does is make you double fault less often in matches, well then I think the falling over is totally worth it!

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