Backhand volley has been a challenging technique in the game of tennis. Every shot in the game can be executed in varying ways but noticeably backhand volley technique has survived to have a common way of execution in the thick of pro players. Backhand volley is doubtlessly of no use if it is hit with no power. Today, we are going to talk about tips that will help you to add great power in your backhand volleys.

If you have been following tennis magazines, you must have espied a pose using a player’s off-hand, it is one of the most artistic poses in the game. Just from the pose without even seeing them actually hit the shot, it can be concluded that the player is a great one. The ‘Waiter Volley’ tip will add hefty amount of power in the shot along with other few significant things like balance, readiness, etc.

What is ‘The Waiter Volley’ tip?

  1. You have to use your off hand by attaining a pose where you look like holding a tray in the same manner as a waiter does. This should be your finishing pose.
  2. The reason you should finish like this is for the counter balance.
  3. And your back should look like as if you are bringing your hands at the centre (to hold the racquet with both hands) and then again stretching the hands outwards.
  4. The elbow should have a limited movement but your arms should work rigorously here.
  5. Players like Sampras, Hewitt first turn sideways and then straighten up their arms to hold the racquet with both hands before the contact. This is the preparation set-up for a backhand volley.
  6. The grip plays an effective role as well. Continental grip is the most suited grip for backhand volley shot.
  7. And finally you have to use your off hand to hold a tray virtually (like a waiter). Hit the shot and pop back to acquire the waiter pose.
  8. To practice the tip, you should set a target to hit at, and then do sets of 5 0r 10 continuous shots exploiting the tip that is mentioned above.

Backhand volley is categorised under the list of aggressive shots and that is why it is not necessary to mention how important it is to add power in this shot. Along with power, the player needs to pay attention to the footwork, the footwork must be fluid-like. Then the preparation set-up must be reliable because it will provide the mandatory balance and will store ample energy for the shot. Then finish with a great waiter-pose. Trying this tip will help you to add substantial power to your volley.

backhand volley

One place where you need to be cautious is when you don’t have too much time for a proper volley, do not use the shoulder contraction-relaxation technique. It might delay your volley timing.

So, practice the tip and observe the change. Use your judgement to execute a perfect backhand volley. If you find any difficulty in this shot or any other shot write to us anytime at