In our previous articles we have definitely riveted your attention to some of the most awesome tips that can help you in improving your game tremendously. This article is going to be another treat for you. You’ll be taught on how to hit an offensive topspin lob, it is a great sky shot. Would you like to gain some good points when you are playing opposite to someone who likes to attack you? If yes, then topspin is the weapon you’ll need to gain tonnes of great points.

Like all other shots, a topspin lob also has some key points on which you need to focus. Below is the step by step explanation of all the key points:

  1. Set-Up: what works without a set-up? Well, almost nothing. Trick is, that you have to first set-up like you are going to take a regular passing shot, this will deceive your opponent and he will come really close to the net. The set-up will make the topspin lob easier. The perfect time is when your opponent is closing towards the net, you become super aggressive and set-up.
  1. Get low: when you are ready to hit, make certain that you get down lower than your normal position. This is necessary because we need to lift the ball up and our swing path should be up. We cannot swing low at this because we want to come up quickly after hitting the ball, remember this is an offensive topspin lob. So, get down a little to take the lob. The racquet should be far beneath the ball (the ball and the racquet should be quite distant), and that is why we need to go down to lift the ball aggressively up and over the opponent.
  1. Swing Path: the swing path in this shot is very different; it is not supposed to be like a normal passing shot that simply pushes the ball. Here, it is more like a windshield wiper motion. Push the racquet upwards; there must be a lot of friction between the racquet-strings and the ball. Swing path is not going too forward in the shot. You hit, lift the ball up and move your racquet up really quickly, just in a fraction of seconds after your swing path starts.
  1. Finishing the shot: there are really two ways to finish the shot. You can either make the racquet follow a trajectory like path, that is, swing, hit, quickly take it up and let it relax very low beneath your waist or you can simply end your swing path by pulling up and finishing it above your head. We suggest Windshield Wiper motion.


Just these four key-points will let you command a great topspin lob. You can take a defensive lob too but why topspin lob is important is because it will keep your opponent busy by confusing him. He will keep guessing as to where the ball might come. This will make them off-balance at the net and will certainly give you an advantage. You simply have to baffle and bamboozle your opponent by setting-up like a passing shot and executing a topspin lob in reality. We hope it was a helpful article. Accelerate up high in your game with Crunch time coaching.