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It's Michael L from AVAC. You remain the best tennis instructor I've ever had. I'm still 4.0 even at almost 66. First of all, absolutely you can use my compliment as a testimonial. I meant it. Here's more: you were always able to tweak my game in minutes, you were great at teaching core skills, you were able to communicate your knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and you made the lessons fun.

Michael Lauriola

I just finished trying out the website you'd mentioned and did your "Friday Groundstrokes" workout. It is AWESOME!!!! I'm going to do the same workout again tomorrow as I hadn't gotten all the moves down the first time around.
And since I've a bunch of replays to catch up on I've one each for all of next week to keep me busy! How cool!! LOL
Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. You totally rock! :)
Have a good weekend and I'll talk with you later!

Sangeetha Kumar

Ok Peter, another home run. Today’s workout I burned 654 calories in 46 min. That’s more than the Tennis Tornado (641cal). Again I ran a 5K today training for Saturday’s race and I only burned 585 calories. This is awesome keep em coming. Today’s stats are attached. And checkout the intensity of the heart rate moving up and down. You crushed it today!

Michael Strutton
I will be doing my 3rd day tommorow, had to augment the timing a bit because i had a match today and one of the other days i worked a long shift so i let my body rest. i gotta tell you, the result is remarkable just from 2 days worth of work and match play right after. I practiced the rafa workout and the tabata match play one. i felt that "step" youre talking about! also used doubles tactics you shared and it increased the gameplay consistency alot. went with cross court, and hit more than 3 times

Cross Flasswell
Tremendous workout no weights!!!! I hate lifting weights.lifted for years for basketball. At 64 I need cardio and flex not muscle. Is it ok to show some of this to my students and teammates?? Might get you some new clients.

Rick Atkinson
Tennis Instructor

What Separates Pete

USPTA Elite Professional: Peter Freeman has the highest level of USPTA testing certification. The USPTA is the largest and oldest coaching organization in the world. To become an Elite Professional, a USPTA member must be at least 22 years old, pass the written Elite exam, which covers business, programming, sport science and tennis operations, Elite stroke analysis exam and the Elite-level on-court exams. In addition, members must earn 16 specialty course and 24 APC credits. Elite Professionals are required to earn 6 credits every three years to maintain their membership. They commonly are considered for director of tennis or head tennis professional positions.

What separates Pete is he is down in the trenches everyday helping students just like you solve problems in their game to get to the next level. Did you know many online instructors are not even certified to teach tennis and don’t teach any on court students?

Pete has coached division 1 college players, produced state level and national champions, and been awarded the honor of USTA Georgia Pro of the year.He loves teaching students of all levels and ages. He has a passion for tennis like no one else in the business and will do whatever it takes to get your game to the next level.

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