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Beginner Tennis Lessons: How to Play Doubles

Today we are going to learn how to play doubles. In this lesson for beginner tennis players you will learn where to stand when serving and receiving. All my beginner tennis lessons are designed to make the game of tennis easy and fun. Hope you enjoy and see you next week

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Beginner Tennis Tips: Forehand and Backhand

Do you want to learn to play tennis like the pros? Our videos teach beginning tennis players how to use proper technique on all the shots. This allows you to learn the same form the pros use so you can feel what it is like to hit a forehand like Roger Federer or a Backhand […]

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Back to the Future Tennis: Modern Tennis

This week Pete and Skip go Back to the Future to show Danielle the difference between old school tennis footwork, and modern footwork technique. Skip demonstrates a closed stance forehand like Jimmy Connors and Pete Shows Danielle and Rafeal Nadal Open stance forehand.

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Beginner Tennis Lessons: Ball Control

This beginner tennis lesson teaches you how to control the direction of the ball!! Controlling the direction of the tennis ball is a lot like controlling a car with you steering wheel. These tips are designed to help you play better tennis like the yellow fuzzy balls channel which I love. We just have a […]

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