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Roger and Rafa’s Legendary Respect

Today is a day to celebrate regardless of who you are rooting for. Roger and Rafa are in the spotlight once more and I love it. I’m so proud of both these classy legends. Roger still showing he is hungry after all these years and Rafa showing what a true champion he is as he […]

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Pete’s 10 Ten

    Thanks Everyone 2 Million Views Wow It has been quite a journey and I have to say so much fun. If you can’t tell I just love tennis. I would go so far as to say I am a little obsessed with it. But not just obsessed with tennis itself. My biggest thrills […]

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How to Ace the Topspin Lob

The topspin lob is a shot you must have in your arsenal if you want to beat the aggressive net rushers. Once you master the shot the net rusher will always be second guessing what shot you might attempt next. The result will be easier passing shots and more unforced errors from your opponent. Watch […]

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Slice Serve Challenge…Can You Do This?

Today’s tennis lesson on the slice serve is actually more of a challenge. When hitting a slice serve it is important to be able to hit the serve in different areas in the box. Hitting some deep and some short. So watch this video and then go out on the court and see if you […]

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Double Shot Tues

Today we have two really cool videos. The first video is on the Slice Forehand and was inspired by a request from one of our subscribers on YouTube. Our second video is a video analysis of one of my students Will “The Thrill”. What is interesting about this video is that we are often able […]

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