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Fix Your Forehand with Triangle Finish

Today’s tennis lesson is all about fixing your forehand in a match. Sometimes your forehand can get tight in a match and start to land short…The triangle finish will help you get back your drive, length and power…enjoy and be sure to like the video if it helps you. Want More Topspin on your Forehand? […]

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Topspin Vs Power

So the pros are hitting the ball harder than ever right? They are also hitting with more spin than ever too. It only makes sense that more topspin must equal more power right? Well not so fast. Topspin does not automatically equal more power. If you can really flatten out a ball that will most […]

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Volleys for Beginners

Tennis is the greatest game on earth and Peter loves teaching beginners how to play tennis. Today is all about learning how to hit volleys. You will learn how hit the forehand volley like Federer and the backhand volley like Rafter. Enjoy and if you love tennis keep checking out hit videos.

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