Fix Your Forehand with Triangle Finish

Today’s tennis lesson is all about fixing your forehand in a match. Sometimes your forehand can get tight in a match and start to land short…The triangle finish will help you get back your drive, length and power…enjoy and be sure to like the video if it helps you.

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avoid topspin mistake

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Tim - February 19, 2015

Very good tip. I sometimes concentrate on the first part of my forehand and forget about the finish. This is apparent when I select targets on the courts and I can’t hit them because I am not extending.

Csilla - February 19, 2015

Great tips,I love watching all your videos,thank you so much!

Arnie Haeberle - February 19, 2015

Peter, great job with your tennis teaching skills and I especially enjoy that you’re a lefty too.

I like your different approach and innovative style and techniques with your teaching methods.

Please do not turn into the other guy (he’s a lefty too and his name starts with a W) where nowadays everything he teaches he wants to charge you for it too. It is a complete turn-off.

Keep it Simple * Keep it Light …..and everything will be alright for you in the Future. Thank you!

Peter - February 20, 2015

thank everyone for the great feedback

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