Every game evolved and so did Tennis. Apart from the technological advancements, the game techniques also evolved from classic approaches to modern ones. The focus is continually shifting to more power hitting and great topspin. The game demands more and more pace today. One of the most important technique used by great players today, is the modern forehand technique. This article will guide you about the 3 checkpoints that need your attention for a perfect modern forehand execution.

Checkpoint 1: Starting the Forehand
When you bring your racket back and keep it in an even phase with the body, that is, parallel and aligned with the vertical position of your body, there are great chances of losing control while performing your swing, which will make the ball go far off the court.

So, this a major checkpoint to correct when you are aiming to hit a lot of balls in the court. For this you have to grip the racket correctly. You need a semi-western grip, for that you can drop the racquet and pick it up holding just like a frying pan. Yes that is the kind of grip most of the pro players set on the racquet. This will actually make an angle between your body and the racquet, the strings must be facing towards the ground. Now, you are ready to make the swing. This simple tip will ensure that the ball will definitely hit inside the court.

Checkpoint 2: Making the swing
After checkpoint 1, when you advance to hit the ball with your swing, do not distort the phase of the racquet that means nothing has to change except the place of the racquet, while transitioning from checkpoint1 to checkpoint2. The racquet is now in front of your body, fully extended but the strings still face the ground. Simply put, your position must look like that you are petting a dog with a stick. Most of the people miss to keep the ground-facing position of the racquet steady, and they rotate the racquet completely out of the phase which pushes the ball out of the court. Appropriate way, is to keep the strings of the racquet facing the ground from start tillthe point where you hit the ball after making a controlled swing.

Checkpoint 3: Finishing the Forehand
It is common that a lot of pro players still finish by making the racquet to fall through the shoulders. It is acceptable, but to go for a little more of a proper way, it is advisable to finish by taking the racquet across the shoulder. Strings must align the shoulder being parallel to it and the fingers making the grip, should be facing outward.


For a proper modern forehand, the key tip is to transition really smoothly from one checkpoint to the next. In the initial two phases, the strings of the racquet must face towards the ground, and in the last checkpoint which is the finishing point, the racquet-head must cross the shoulder, with grip-fingers facing outward.

This lesson tries to impart the technique of a modern forehand to learners, by simplifying it and breaking down the complex technique in 3 easy steps. Practice the technique following the lesson and this will ensure more balls hitting inside the court. Also you will attain great topspin and pace along with this lesson. Modern Forehand is an evolved technique and is a must for every player today.

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