Not getting the depth in your shot is a very banal problem. We often find ourselves hitting shorter balls and mostly in the net, then we feel nervous and the whole game gets affected. This piece of writing along with the amazing video is going to teach you a great tip for ground strokes. Learning tennis from television is way different from learning it from a coach. Television can teach you the ways but only a coach can teach you the minute technical details that are mandatory for a good game.

There are many kinds of fall through that you can do to finish your shots. There is windshield wiper finish, over the shoulder finish or over the head finish. Pro players mostly choose the fall through that goes over the shoulder, NovacDjokovic, Serena Williams, Roger Federer and all the great players finish nicely over the shoulder. We can observe all this from watching television but what we miss while learning television is that how much power, swing path, timing should be given to a finish of the shot.

Beginners or learners execute the shot and instantly pull up their racquet to the shoulder. Is it the right technique? Absolutely no. This wrong technique only makes the shot shorter and sometimes in the net. So, how should it really be done? Follow the article and you’ll learn.

Triangle finish, today’s lesson, is going to help you in extending completely towards the target and in getting the nice quintessential depth. When a coach tells you to make a finish with a fall through over the shoulders he doesn’t mean to decelerate your arm and get stuck, what he really means is to make a nice hitting through.

Fix Forehand with Triangle finish
Steps for a perfect follow through:

  1. Place your foot right according the kind of shot you intend to hit on the coming ball.
  2. Then make a full swing by extending your arm to reach out completely.
  3. The tip is called the triangle finish because your chest, should be making a triangle with your arms(chest as base and arms as the other two sides of your triangle)
  4. To do this you’ll have to make a full swing path and that will load your shot with a lot of energy and depth.
  5. Lift up your foot (of the same side of your playing hand) a little along with the swing. That means when you are extending your hand out for the contact, your foot should lift a little naturally.

Triangle finish is all about directional acceleration and full swing. After this you should finish the shot by simply taking your racquet over the shoulder after a suffused extension of your hand. A perfect finish is as important as the overall technique involved in a shot, because it makes you confident and gives you a readiness for the forthcoming balls and the rest of your game.

Watch the video and learn more effectively. Prepare your tennis so that the end of the day you are satisfied with your performance and become unbeatable. All the best.