Have you ever tried to hit the ball harder with more power and ended up missing lot more shots and you don’t get the power you are looking for? Well, here is “The Cylinder Tip” to make things lot easier for you.

You want more power especially when you get an easy shot, you really wish to wind up and hit that ball, but let’s think about where does all that power comes from. If you see a boxer throw a powerful punch they don’t go really big or swing hands backwards to throw their punches, it’s the same thing that if you want to add more power and have more control and land more forehand and backhand, you have to stay more compact and that make you hit the ball harder without swinging your hands too far backwards. Swinging hand backwards may sometimes makes you feel good because you believe that you are adding lot of power to the shot but it only makes ball going all over the place without actual control.

Number 1 Forehand

Now Imagine a cylinder on the side of your body between shoulder and belly and you place your hands inside it, and you have to keep your hands within it all the times and play strokes, what you are going to find is better timing especially when you want to move forward and hit easier shots which will be lot harder and more consistent. You feel more control over the shot without compromising the power. Another important thing to remember is to swing your other hand along with the shot as if you are using both hands to hit a forehand shot. In this video tutorial, I will show you the cylinder shots from side and back angles to help you understand the technique better.

how to add massive spin to the forehand