Do you suffer from the problem of not being able to hit the ball in the middle of strings consistently? Well, we have just the right drill for you to solve this problem.

This drill is very simple and you might think it that is for the beginners, but there are so many good and experienced players out there who have followed this to fix their problem of late contact point.

The drill goes like this-

  • Stand right behind the service line and hold your racquet with its head on the line. Somewhat like parallel to the service line.
  • Try not to take the racquet back; then go out and follow through, so can get the feeling of out front hitting.
  • Get someone on the other side of the court to feed the ball to you or they can be throwing underhand.
  • You can try this with open stance as well. And you will get the feeling of making contact out-front.

This is a great drill to practice for returning the serve as well when your opponent is hitting hard at you. So this drill can be used for both middling the shots and for returning the fast serve.

Best Drill in the World to Hit a Solid Forehand Every time

Now, let’s go over the reasons why contact point is so important.

  1. When you hit the ball in the middle of the string you get better control. We all know that if ball hits any other part of racquet, controlling becomes a lot difficult.
  2. Middling the ball creates easy power so you don’t have to try hitting with lot of power. Also, when you hit out in front instead of from behind shot is much more effortless.
  3. It helps you to avoid injury. Mostly those who have poor techniques are prone to tennis elbow, as they tend to hit the ball late. This creates unnecessary resistance going up the arm and causes shoulder injury or tennis elbow.

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So guys get out there and practice this drill till you perfect it, remember there is no substitute to practice and hard work, until next time this is Peter Freeman, your coach and guide signing off from