Does it happen to you that you want to hit great heightened balls but end up hitting the ball in the net every time? You try to improve but time after time you only fail, and that drives you crazy. If this is a similar scenario to you, then you don’t need to worry anymore. We have come up with a great and unusual drill that will aid you in hitting heavy and high balls. The tip is called the ‘Boat Tip’.

‘The Boat Tip’, yes you read it right! This tip will keep your tennis game from sinking. It gets on your nerves when you repeatedly hit the balls in the net. You might be doing certain things wrong and at the same time you might be totally unaware of them.

Let us first tell you the hidden mistakes that compel you to hit the balls in the net :-

  1. Your legs or hands may not be bent enough to lift the ball.
  2. You might be making the chronic mistake of hitting the ball in the ‘stay down’ position only. You actually have to come up after the ‘stay down/bent’ position to hit the ball. Ideally, bent down first and then lift to make the contact with the ball.
  3. You might not be focusing on the ball and must be giving it a stare longer than needed.
  4. You might not be aiming proper spin and power for the shot.

The drill:-

So, what we want you to do isto pretend that you are in a boat and the boat is full of water. Needless to say that when there is water in the boat, it is definitely sinking. Terrorizing it is to imagine, no? But this imagination is going to take your boat of tennis game to the right shore eventually.

Forehand Tennis Lesson

Now, what do we do? Obviously we will be throwing the water out of the boat. Embed your imagination by imagining a bucket in your hand and start to collect and throw water out of the boat with the bucket.

The technical point here is that you have to make a complete move to lift the ball properly. Remember you need an extended move to throw the water out of the boat otherwise the water will be recollecting in the boat itself. Watch the video to understand the drill properly.

The tip is very simple and sounds illogically funny but apart from technical skill these small tips can help you hone your tennis skills to a far better level. To hit the ball perfectly, bent done low and come up really high and add sturdy power to the ball. If you really practice this drill, it will definitely make your shots cross the net. The drill is fun and extends you a gift of technique to hit heavy and high balls.

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Write to us about this tip and tell us that it really made sense and helped you out in working on your powerful shots.