Have you been seeking a shot that is effortless and smooth? This article is going to construe a lesson that will help you to add power in your forehand very easily. This shot can be surely used to destroy your opponent.Have you ever wondered how the tennis pros like Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer get so much power. The answer is simple, they use their core for power and not their arm. This is the key to playing winning tennis on any shot but especially the topspin forehand. This is a great forehand lesson whether you are a beginner,intermediate or advanced tennis player.

Every existent technique is based on certain principles that differentiate it from the rest of the lot. Without power, a topspin forehand is as useless as pushing water uphill with a rake. And an effective forehand will be the one which is easy in power and does not put you off your balance. The 3 important principles of a powerful topspin forehand, that you must contemplate, are discussed below.

Principle 1 : The way you prepare

Most of the people misinterpret power as something deduced only with rigorous movement and that is why they swing their whole arm very forcefully. We don’t need to do that because topspin forehand is not only about pushing the ball with the arm. Steps you should follow:-

  • Lower down a bit and make your feet ready for the work.
  • Hold the racquet with both hands, almost all the prominent players practice this habit.
  • Most importantly, you need to connect with your core. When you turn, have both your hands on the racquet and feel the core as it coils up.
  • By this we are going to unleash the power from the core and that will come effortlessly if you really connect the shot to the core.

Principle 2: the forward movement

Once you are prepared you need to time the connection of your entire body. Not all people use their complete body and that is wrong. Let your core lead the shot. Feel that your core snaps the ball with ample power. As an add-on, you can lift the foot of your racquet-hand’s side in a seamless motion. Not the complete leg has to detach from the ground, just let your foot lift a little along with the forward going shot.

Principle 3 : the contact

The contact must be somewhere in the front and outside of your core’s zone. If you hit the ball near your core, it will jam the core and the power will be wasted rather than being used. The energy should be released easily and for that your core area should be free. The contact can be done in different instances, the three main types are :-

  • Traditional Step-in: as you step-in, just feel the power in your core, get the coil and drive the ball out further in front. This is going to be a penetrating shot which goes forward and hence no need to lift the ball up high. Lean in on the ball to drive it forward.
  • Semi-Open Stance: you can go for this one if you want a little more height in your spin. Time up the connection with the core and lift the racquet after hitting, so that the ball is lifted up a little high after disposition.
  • Full-open stance: you need to contact the ball when it is in your hitting zone, unlike traditional stance where you have to hit way in front of your hitting zone. Put your core at work to lift the ball up really high.

roger federer forehand

So, the secret of power lies in the core and not in any other trick. Step by step improvise by focusing on the 3 main principles discussed above. Eventually, you will develop a very effortless and easy-on-power forehand. Stay tuned for more awesome tips from Crunch time Coaching.