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Learn How to Add Massive Spin to the Forehand

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This is my number 1 no-fail drill for adding Topspin that works everytime

  • Hit More Winners
  • Force More Errors
  • Dominate Points
  • Become more consistent

Why is Topspin So Important?

In today’s tennis lesson I show you my no fail drill for getting lots of topspin rotation on the ball. Topspin is such a value weapon to add to your tool-box when playing tennis for 3 main reasons:
  • Controlled Aggression- This is the biggest advantage of topspin in my opinion. Hitting the ball with topspin allows you to be a consistent player without having to push the ball. There are lots of consistent players out there who don’t have topspin. The end result is a missing piece of the puzzle because they can’t attack weak balls. The reason for this is they don’t have the spin to keep the ball in when it is time to increase racket head speed.
  • Topspin Creates Weak Returns - A normal flat ball usually does not bounce very high. the result is hitting a lot of shots right into your opponents waistline. This makes you a fun opponent to play because you are someone who gives your opponent an easy ball to get grooved into even if you hit the ball hard.

    Players who have extreme topspin are no fun to play. Why? Because their balls are bouncing high out of their opponents strike zone. The end result are forced errors and easy short balls. There is a reason why Nadal is the only player in history to have a dominant winning percentage off Federer.

  • Confident Kill Shots- When you play tennis there is a time and place for everything. When you are at the baseline it is time to be consistent and you are trying to accomplish 2 things.

    1. 1. Don’t hit a shot that allows the opponent to take control of the point.
    2. 2. Hit shots that create weak replies from your opponent so you can attack.

If you can do those two things you will get lots of short balls and that is when it is time to take a little more risk and put the ball away. Now unfortunately this is the time when lots of rec players blow the point. After a beautiful point they come in a blow the put away ball, seen it a 1,000 times.

The short area of the court is where you really need to master your spin. Because the court is shorter you need a force to bring the ball down quickly. That force is topspin.

Now if all this makes sense I have a very simple drill you can do to start mastering the feel of topspin. There is no long winded explanation on how to do it and it is actually pretty easy to do. In fact, it works pretty much instantly for the majority of my students. Enjoy.


Hi Peter love the topspin drill , I show the kids and the were excited as I was when I saw them getting it . I try to teach the old fashioned way of brushing the ball for topspin but with the rainbow and I said reach for the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. if the get it right. Helps be Irish doing this drill kids love it ,keep up the great work you do your friend
Rob Johnson GalwayIreland
I live in the Bay Area. Just wanted to say Thanks for all the tips you have provided through your videos.
I have become better educated, now I just have to execute!
Your instruction has started to work. In practice, I hit some nice ones. Many thanks
Sandi Lieu
Hi Peter I'm writing from Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean. I just want to personally thank you for this series. It was very useful and entertaining.
James C. Aboud
Thanks Peter! Love your instruction!
Peter, thank You for all the drills and tips, I work hard and feel that I have big progress, both in tennis technic and durability on court! You have great ideas for training at home , too:)

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