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  • Learn the grip all pros use to hit serves 130mph
  • Discover the secret on how to apply massive spin to your serve
  • Learn how to avoid one of the major pitfalls when it comes to switching grips
  • Get my pre-match serving warm up routine that will have you holding serve right out the gate

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Bryan Brother Volley Record Broken by 9 Year Old Ian Iverson

The Bryan Brothers are the greatest doubles team of all time and inspired us to make this video. The … [Read More...]


Tennis Tips: How to Volley Close to the Net

In today's tennis lesson for beginners we take a look at how to volley close to the net. Make sure … [Read More...]


Volleys for Beginners

Tennis is the greatest game on earth and Peter loves teaching beginners how to play tennis. Today is … [Read More...]


3 One Minute Tips on Tennis

Here are 3 one minute tennis tips for beginner tennis players. These drills are designed to do by … [Read More...]


Tennis Tips: Rick Leach with the Best Drop Volley Ever

Rick Leach has won 9 Grand Slam Titles and is one of the best doubles players of all time. Today he … [Read More...]


Tennis Fitness: Tennis Tip…Never Miss Another High Volley

In today's tennis fitness video I am going to give you a tennis tip so you will never miss another … [Read More...]


Brian Gottfried Volley Lesson

Today's tennis lesson is from a 3 time Grand Slam Champion. This tennis legend won two French Open … [Read More...]


Keys to Hitting an Awesome One-Handed Topspin Backhand

Today I am honored to make a tennis lesson video with a tennis coach I respect a lot. Cosmin Miholca … [Read More...]


Tabata Tues Tennis: Serve Forehand Backhand and Volley Drills

Check out this Tennis Workout. I like to call them Tabata Tennis Workouts. We do high intensity … [Read More...]


How to hit a Backhand for Beginners

Today's lesson is all about how to hit the backhand. Whether you are looking to learn a one handed … [Read More...]


The Coach In Your Corner: Tennis Video Analysis

Do you want an unfair advantage on game day. Well Pete is the coach in your corner for your USTA or … [Read More...]


Tennis Tips: John Newcombe Show Sneaky Return of Serve Tactic John Newcombe gives a great tennis tip … [Read More...]


Murphy Jensen Explains What Roger Federer Thinks Under Pressure Murphy explains what Roger Federer is … [Read More...]


Tennis tips: Best Slice Serve Drill in the World Enjoy this free serving course I … [Read More...]


Serving lesson: What is Continental Grip

In today's beginner tennis lesson we explain what the continental grip is in tennis and why you must … [Read More...]


Serving Lesson: Why do you need Continental Grip

In today's tennis lesson we take a look at why you need to have a continental grip on your serve. It … [Read More...]


How to master the slice serve: Beginner Tennis Tips

I love the slice serve. In today's beginner tennis lesson how to hit a slice serve I am dedicating … [Read More...]


How to Serve in Tennis: The Two Face Drill

In today's tennis lesson we show you a great little drill to help you start serving your first week … [Read More...]


Tennis Tips: Rules of Serving

In today's tennis lesson we explain the Rules of Serving in tennis so you can go play a match in … [Read More...]


Pete’s Forehand Form: Beginner Tennis Tips

In today's beginner tennis tip we take a look at my forehand ground stroke. I am breaking down from … [Read More...]

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