Nothing is more upsetting than getting passed out even after playing great shots. It happens frequently that you hit a great shot but miss volleys because you didn’t cover the net entirely. Net coverage has to be strategized carefully and you should constantly remind yourself to be in a range from where you can attempt maximum number of shots.

Specifically, people make 2 common mistakes, which are:-

  1. After executing an approach shot, players run straight up to the middle, by doing this they cancel out the probability of lifting the shots from either sides of the middle point. They pass shots that come either on the left or the right side of the central point.
  2. When they realize that by doing the middle point drill they will be missing most of the side-shots, so they exaggerate the side steps and go entirely to one side and due to lack of agility they miss the shots that come on the other side. Obviously it is very hard to cover such a distance in a few seconds and that to moving sideward (to the end point of either side) is even more difficult. So, basically to cover the line of one side they leave the cross court side completely vacant and ultimately miss the shot.

This drill called ‘The Soccer Goalie’ runs on the concept of covering the ball and not the area. Not covering the ball is very-very dangerous. Follow the tips to learn how to cover the ball.

  1. Focus on the ball, and keep your shoulder aiming at the inside of the ball.
  2. Keep your foot loose on the ground and be ready to move every time the ball comes down the line.
  3. Then move your foot of the playing hand side beside the second foot. This way you will be able to move faster to cover the ball.
  4. Remember to use your toes for playing.


The drill focuses on the fact that you have to aim your ball and you have to follow the ball all the time. Align your shoulder with the ball and let it guide you in your movements. When you will follow the ball, the net will be covered automatically. Imagine yourself as a soccer goalie and think of your line as a goal post. Then you have to dutifully guard your virtual goal post by focusing on the ball. The drill is easy and doesn’t ask for consideration of too many technical constraints.

This docile exercise will submissively let you to execute great volley shots on the net. Practice this entire drill and master your shots on the net. Do not mistakenly think that you can ignore your poor attempts to hit volley shots; the ignorance will affect your game in a persuasive way. The Net volleys will become your weakness and will be easily recognisable. Don’t let this to happen and make net area your stronger area, it is definitely a tricky and risky area to cover, once you overcome the problems related to it, you will be able to win some great points in a game. Watch the video for a better understanding of the drill and follow our coach Sir Peterman to learn to hit the volleys like pros.