You know what all the pro players answered when they were interviewed about their long term goal and mental strength? The answer might surprise many because pro players do not intend to top the “Best Player List” but it is consistency in learning that they want. All the pro players wish to improve their game all the time.

Roger Federer once said that there are overwhelming numbers of elements in the game of tennis that need focus, and this can be improved only if you take them as challenge. He also once stated that mental strength is the most vital factor that can lead you up in a game or tournament. So, apart from techniques that we usually discuss in our articles we are going to write about an inseparable element called Mindset/Mental Strength is this one.

Most of the beginners and even good players struggle in being consistent, focused and engaged. It is quite natural, and these problems can be diminished by improving the mental strength. Certain key points that you can put your mental focus on are given below:

  1. Set Really High Standards: The famous quote is most rightly written, “Aim for the stars, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. Each day a lot of people start their training in the game of tennis, but if you have to reach out and shine, you have to set bigger and better standards so that you get consistently motivated to play the game even in an adverse situation. High standards and targets will develop your mental strength by putting it on a stress test every time.
  2. What you have to do is, set a goal like “I am never going to miss a serve shot” or “I am not going to miss a volley shot in the whole match” or “I’ll not let the ball drop at all”. These constant reminders will not help you to become absolutely flawless but they will keep you super focused.
  3. Be your own tennis Doctor: you must have heard this a lot of times and yes this is a true thing. No one can know you better than you yourself, be it your physical training or your mental fitness, and learn more and more about yourself. Administer everything about your mind-set and game just like a doctor.
  4. Natural Mistakes: Most imprudent point is to not fall in the loop of “why I did it wrong?” or “I can’t get things right, I am bad”. These habits are very unhealthy. Even if you miss some shots, instantly reason them and move on rather than amplifying the negativity in your mind. Mistakes are natural but you only have to learn from them.
  5. There are no failures but just lessons: Practice unceasingly and don’t tag your mistakes as failures. The burden of failures will crush you down but a proper reasoning and understanding of your mistakes will make you learn more effectively.

Quick glance at main points:

  • Stay Super-focused
  • Stay cool
  • Aim for more
  • Learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them
  • Play for the sake of your own self.

So people, Mind-set is nothing that you can improve technically, it is something that needs a grip of your own awareness. Stay positive and maintain your calm and cool behaviour. Even a pressure cooker can’t handle the pressure beyond a point, so don’t test yourself on the negative side. Good luck.