What can be more consolatory than a quick tip that can help you in hitting some great Overhead shots? Well, we can’t think of anything more ancillary than an extraordinary tip by our coach for the problem of missing overhead shots. It happens to most of us that we start hitting overheads out of the court sometimes. You can give this problem a slip by following this daily fix lesson which is easy as ABC.

To find a solution to any problem we need to understand the problem. So, when people hit wrong and out of the bound overheads:

  1. The biggest thing that falls apart is that they take their racquet back a little more than the need.
  2. They make the racquet strings completely open up towards the sky.
  3. Too much of extended racquet hand contacts the ball much before the actual timing and the ball hits the racquet when it is still in the swing motion, throwing the ball out of the court.
  4. If you also instantly go into this faulty position just after the set-up then you are in a big trouble because you will be missing a lot of overheads.

A player can have any kind of game style but a perfect overhead shot in tennis is much like a gizmo that no player can go ahead without owing. Today, all the top players, both men and women have unbeatable overhead shot styles. Modern game concentrates on intricate details of the techniques and this has made the game difficult and in such crucial times no beginner can afford to leave a shot as important as overhead shot unlearnt.

For any shot, the most radical element is the posture. If your posture after the set-up is right, then no one can stop you from hitting a good shot. What you have to do to correct the above mentioned mistakes is to think about a basketball player who is about to slam dunk a ball. But instead of dunking the ball out and back in the back court you have to place it deep into the ground without restricting your wrist and without forcing it out towards the front.


Key points:

  1. Slam dunk your tennis ball deeply towards the ground.
  2. Do not open up your racquet completely towards the sky.
  3. The racquet strings should face your head (as if the racquet can rest on your head).
  4. Then first movement after this posture is taking your racquet down and then swiftly up.
  5. The contact with the ball should occur in a ‘slam dunk’ fashion.

Along with this simple tip, you should keep in mind that you must not reach out the ball directly. For an overhead shot you must first make the alignment side-wards and then move towards the ball. You have to simply acquire a ready position before the shot, and during the execution you have to apply the above mentioned ‘slam dunk’ tip. The whole drill will give great power and consistency to the shot and will never let you miss the overhead shots.

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