A proper serve has many prerequisites for its execution. Proper body posture, balanced efforts, appropriate toss, instant action are some of the prerequisites. Many players experience a trouble in getting their serve over the net. If you are one amongst those people, this article is going to be helpful for you.

This tip is called “The Limbo”. First we will look into the most common cause which prevents the ball from crossing the net. Some beginners get over conscious while serving, they do as they are told, and when they take things too literally they do mistakes. Improper leaning is the most common mistake. Players sink in their abdomen and protrude their lower body, more than necessary, on the outside. This habit hinders them from making a spontaneous action which is needed to lift the height of the serve. In this posture, the lower body stiffens a bit and the racquet action does not match with the level of height of the toss, hence the ball gets stuck in the net itself.

You can overcome this problem with the help of this effective article. Think of a Limbo, now, you don’t have to be intimidated with that level of flexibility because we don’t have to be flexible to that extent. The tip is to go in a limbo, only to the extent which is suitable for your body’s capability. Do not try to arch way back than your body’s requirement. The best way is to act in the most natural way, that is, to stretch in proportion to your body’s flexibility. Neither too much of the inward leaning nor the outward arching is required.


A little bit of limbo is going to give a proper height to your serve and this way the ball is definitely going to cross the net. Limbo will assist both the kind of players, the ones who like to keep their feet static on the ground while serving and the ones who make a slight jump or keep their feet moving while serving. It is a simple tip to follow. Slight knee bend and back arch will help you to pull yourself up and into the ball for a serve shot.

This simple tip will provide the significant power for the serve and will also reduce the stress on the body. Most of the high-level players arch their back for the serve shot. This whole mechanism of bending the knees and then arching the back will generate an elastic power from the body and hence, it will provide a quintessential flexibility for the serve shot. Flexibility in turn, will let your body to act in perfect synchronisation with the toss. The ball will be bound to cross the net with this limbo exercise. Try this tip and you will notice an improvement in your serve.

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