Hey guys, if you have ever seen a racquet drop you know it’s very important. Although we have already done a racquet drop video this is part 2 of it. So, this drill is for you to learn to do the racquet drop which helps you with your acceleration, power, spin and relaxation.

The drill is like this-

  1. As you get ready to serve, loosen up on the grip and hold the racquet lightly such that racquet is pointing up the sky. If you grip it very tight it would be hard for you to get that racquet drop.
  2. Now next step is called ‘triple tap’ drill, where you tap on you back with the racquet 3 times.
  3. Some people do a nice racquet drop but have the wrong part of the string facing out so make sure correct face of string is facing into you.
  4. Then you just have to pat on your back 3 times and serve the ball as shown in the video and serve the ball.


This drill will help you to get racquet facing the right way and get a proper racquet drop. If you want all my videos about serves, there is a link at the end of the video and it is available to you at a very special price just for you so all you have to do is click here http://crunchtimecoaching.com/tennis-a-to-z/promotional-video-4/ . So until next time it’s Peter Freeman from crunch time coaching signing-off.