We have talked about Slice serve, Kick Serve and Topspin serve in our previous write-ups, but we haven’t discussed about Flat serve shot. To begin with, flat serves are easy to learn but can be made hawkish and unbeatable by a few tips. At a professional level, flat serves can be used as unbeatable weapons if loaded with ample amount of spin and power. The lessons by our coach Sir Peterman Freeman are inordinate in presenting handy tips and skills.

The continental grip is directly associated with Serve shots in Tennis. What does that mean? That simply infers that continental grip is a neutral grip and it is the most suitable grip for executing your serves. A tennis racquet’s handle is an octagonal pipe shaped handle, so it is divided into 8 bevels. For continental grip you have to place the knuckle of your index finger and the heel pad of your palm on the bevel number 2.


This particular article is formulated to help you out in getting more power and a more flattened out serve using continental grip. The problem with initially acquired frying pan grip is that you can’t add any cut or spin in your serve, you simply end up pushing the ball out. With the frying pan grip, you don’t get enough time to do the changes in the grip or the move and sometime you may end up hitting with the edge of the racquet. Does that sound good? It is as wrong as it sounds. A continental grip gives you the flexibility to turn/move the racquet according to the coming ball. Continental grip can be made by pointing the edge of the racquet and placing the joining area of thumb and index finger in line with the edge.

The One Tip that will really let you to flatten out your serve is as follows :-

  1. You have to use this tip when you are near the net, do not use it when you are positioned back at the base line.
  2. The key fact is that your thumb should be placed on the racquet such that it points your face when you lift your playing hand up.
  3. After you completely lift up your racquet, the racquet strings should face your back as a set-up position.
  4. The strings facing your back means nothing more than a racquet drop technique. You can watch the video through the link and also may read the blog related to the racquet drop technique.

Link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvHt1tDzCh8

Link for the blog: https://crunchtimecoaching.com/serving-tips-drill-for-a-great-racquet-drop/

  1. And then finally after the racquet drop, send the racquet away (upwards for hitting) to really flatten your serve. You have to execute this whole tip very swiftly. This technique is called ‘Pronation’. In a game there will occur many instances where you will have to use pronation, so you should prepare for such sudden calls.

The whole drill will add superabundant power in your flat serve. A flat serve must go straight to your opponent and for that the serve should lack trajectory and must go flatly. Watch the video by our coach, it is a fun video which describes the drill in a very fun way. Let us reassure you that this great lesson will be helpful in many ways and in many situations. You have to be great on the net, and this lesson is what you have to learn to get better at the net.