Have you really been excited about hitting a nice, clean and driving slice shot after watching your favourite pro players on television? Then this article is definitely for you. It will teach you how to get rid of that hacking problem in slice shots. Backhand shots are relatively difficult than forehand shots because they are sudden actions and not the regular ones. A backhand slice, if executed properly, can be a safe and at the same time be very defensively beneficial for you. But most often players find themselves hacking their slice backhand. So, why exactly you keep hacking and worsening your shot? Below are the answers to the most common question.

Mistake and ways to correct them:-

  1. Players do not define their window of non-opportunity, yes you read it right, and we are going to talk about a window of non-opportunity here. It is nothing but that particular area where you should not let your ball come and thus making sure that you don’t move your racquet in this area.
  2. You must make sure that the ball comes outside the window on non-opportunity. Do not let the glass of this window shatter.
  3. An idle window of non-opportunity is nothing but the set-up of you holding your racquet with an adequate distance between the racquet’s handle and your abdomen.
  4. You have to make a move to actually take your racquet outside this window and then hit the ball. Define your strike zone rigidly with the help of window of opportunity.
  5. This habit will also help those players who encounter a problem in spacing their racquet properly.
  6. When you hit with a contracted motion and with racquet too close to the body, the shot is definitely a poor one. There is no full movement of hands that should be exploited in a proper backhand. So, you should really hit with a full motion by going outside the window of opportunity.

To summarize, the technical tip involving the window of non-opportunity is all about not keeping the ball too close to your body. Letting the ball to reach extremely close to your body simply restricts your racquet to make the full motion, hence you end up hacking your slice shot. Follow the above tips to improve your slice backhand.This whole drill will also help you in applying massive power to your backhand. Eventually, you will be hitting some really nice backhand slice shots, and we can say that with guarantee. This drill is tested and applied, that is why we are so sure that it will certainly help you.

Backhand slice is important in both its forms: two-handed and single handed. You cannot survive with a poor show of this shot. The game of modern tennis is about fast spins and power, and it is considered by many masters that fastest spinning is provided by backhand slice. Aren’t these reasons compelling enough for you to learn the perfect backhand tip? We are sure they are enough! So, push yourself a little more and become great at tennis with Crunch time coaching.

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