It is quite unimaginative that an exercise drill of 5 minutes and 40 seconds can exhaust you completely. But if done appropriately a 5minute-workout can work wonders for your game. Whole-hog and extensive work-out sessions are most important for beginners because they prepare the player for pervasive games. Endurance and stamina doesn’t come naturally, one has to build their endurance and stamina level by rigorously working out. Only the fit players survive in a long run.

In context of the game, a work out prepares the upper body and lower body of a player for reflex and agile movements. To start with the work-out, strictly remember that you have done enough stretching otherwise a work-out session may prove injurious for you. So, before starting, do a few stretching exercise, load your body and then start the work-out.

The drill-

  1. First exercise is to stand at a position and then get ready on your foot. The drill involves taking a step on your playing side, cutting the ball, coming back to the centre position and then going to your other side, cutting the ball and back to the centre position. Simply put, you have to one by one take a step and cut the ball on both your right side and left side(remember coming to the centre each time). One side will be a forehand attempt and the other side will do a backhand attempt to cut the ball. Set your timer and do this drill for 20 seconds, oh trust us, 20 seconds will be enough to exhaust you.
  2. Take a 10 seconds break by slightly hopping on your toes.
  3. After 10 seconds start the next pattern of the work-out. The whole drill has to be done in synchronization by going one-by-one to each step. Form a triangle of the position areas from where you’ll execute each step. It involves :
  4. First, go to the side and try to hit the imaginary ball out on the side.
  5. Then act like that the ball is coming into the bile (towards your body) and hit.
  6. In the last one, you have to just cut the ball to push it forward.
  7. Take 10 seconds break again and stay on your toes.
  8. Do the same thing with backhand side. Take another 10 seconds break.
  9. Then in the final drill, stand at a centre position, come forward to touch the net, then go back to the centre position and execute an imaginary forehand shot and repeat.

Reiteratively perform the whole drill for 5 minutes and exhaust yourself. We are sure that the drill is going to be tough and very tiring but this is where you have to push your limits a step forward to stand a real chance in the long-term of your game. Prepare yourself with this amazing and rigorously killer session of workout. It will not only prepare your body but will keep you fresh throughout the day and ready for any work.

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